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Bamboo. Interrupts because everybody's singing along and I could keep singing along. But this is cutting your nest egg with Mike, Lester, Talon wealth management this year. Believe it or not marks the fifty six anniversary of the Beverly hillbillies TV show. You'll remember the basis here the clampett family struck oil which made them wealthy enough to move to Beverly Hills and all the things that would happen around that were quite amusing. Of course, we all have a different idea about what wealthy truly means. You're supposed to be rich. I'll bet really only family in Beverly Hills at eight data mule. It is high time was in his place. Mr. Drysdale has been after me to buy some cattle. He says to me bitch. You that twenty five million dollars in cash you're put some of that money into stock. Great show about what wealth me two different people. You know, by the time the show ended nine years later that twenty five million had grown to a hundred million dollars for jed clampett, the entire family banker Mr. Drysdale invested jets money to get such a large return. I mean, when you really think about it what would have been doing to grow at that big. Or is this just where it's a TV show, and I need to not over. Thank you. Well, I I mean, I don't know where those numbers came from Khorasan. But I'm guessing somebody took a look at markets over that period of time and said, hey, if you had put twenty five million in here. It'd be what four hundred percent one hundred million. That's huge. Okay. Yeah. Main markets can do obviously they can do very well. And we hear this all the time. But if we had a crystal ball, we would know exactly how to position chances of them doing that. Right. And twenty five million at risk in really really aggressive portfolios to get to one hundred million is really really unrealistic. Right. We don't we don't know. Exactly. What's going to happen moving forward? That's definitely a wealthy family because they struck oil, but that's not real life, but real life is that you work with all types of people over the age of fifty here in Florida with their investments, and you have some pretty wealthy clients. So what are some types of planning strategies ways of going about this that you use with clients who have a rather larger nest egg? Sure, well what we're working on? And and what we've been doing for years is active management of portfolios and people hear me talk about that. But but unless you actually see it as hard to understand exactly what that involves a most investors are dealing with portfolios that are very static. And what that means is they aren't actively manage somebody has sat down and hopefully done a good job of putting together a diversified portfolio. But there's no real tactical strategy for moving in and out of stocks are moving in and out of bonds for moving in and out of real estate based on certain indicators that are going on. And we want to follow. That because it helps us be smarter investors. The easiest example I can give is if markets are doing horribly in the stock market is crashing. And we could use two thousand eight as an example, how many of our listeners were in a situation where nobody gave them any advice on what to do about that. And they had to decide for themselves whether to hang in there and just write it down. And then write it back up or did they feel kind of alone and having to go in and liquidate portfolios and maybe doing at the wrong time, and then maybe potentially never even getting back in. I mean, we do meet people who had that situation. It's hard to do. And you have to be careful, and that sort of guidance is is really where we come in not because we're a bunch of rocket scientists over here or anything, but because we literally work with this every single day, and it's our job to not only protect gore plans portfolios. And then help our clients be successful in retirement. So you know strategies to helping with larger portfolios versus smaller portfolios are. Are the same right? Traditionally individuals who had more money tens of millions of dollars would have access to actively manage portfolios, and very very strategic portfolios utilizing algorithms, and that sort of thing what we've done is. We want to bring that to everyone, and we wanna make sure that individuals who may be not new maybe they don't have tens of billions of dollars can still benefit from actively managed portfolios. And if we're able to do that and just how people not only be more comfortable in retirement help them participate in market gains. Help them not have to worry as much about market losses. Help them know, you know, they have an adviser that has a vested interest in doing. Well, and putting all that together is really where we're at. And that's what we're showing individuals when they come sit down. And if you feel like we're providing value what happens risen individuals decide to work with us. And if they don't feel like we're providing enough value than they decide to work with us. Right. And we don't have an expectation that everybody out there should should work with us. Right. I mean, everybody's got their. Our own thing. But, you know, coming in and sitting down and letting us help me with the analysis showing you how to make your portfolio more efficient, at least you're gonna walk out of our office with a, you know, some ideas on how to make that more efficient letting us put together that financial plan for you. We'll show you how to implement that on your own. If you honestly want to do that. I don't have any problem with that. But people don't want to. So we'll implemented forum at any rate..

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