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I wanna see who else we're going to put in there. I wanna see if it's four or five Infinity stones. Let's go five Infinity stone ghetto. When woods stone give me a higher love, Kenny Loggins, Kenny Loggins. Own share, you sure. Is that an INFINITI stone Loggins living through, please let me important. We can't just fly off here. Now, Gary, Chris, do we lose you guys all this stuff? And we start talking about this. I know we lose ROY. ROY doesn't want any part of these conversations, but we lose billion Chris on these conversations given Sunday. No, never seen it. Richard two minutes. Get out of here, Richard Marx, Infinity stones, and the idea of Michael Bolton and sort of like late eighties, nineties cheese, music. I enjoy the interviews. I've no idea their music. We've got a cultural generational disconnect around now in forever. Come on man. Well, Mike, you're the weirdo though. You're, how old are you? You're the weirdo had apparent that was driving around to the classics of the seventies eighties and today today being the nineties back then. Him will ever know Richard Marx, Kenny, g. Michael bulletin, Stevie winwood, Kenny, Loggins Luther, you need to know them all. You have. Can you give people? We haven't given them enough sports that you wanna give pile. You want to give power. Here have God's give Aaron Rodgers. Take for a minute, and you intermittently just throw in some some music. If some AC some AC bangers let's do this waiting my whole life. You might wanna consider Phil college by the way. It's it's earlier Phil couns little early. It's right there. Ara- Rogers. I mean, listen, I can't imagine what Aaron Rodgers. First off. He just got paid. He's guaranteed over one hundred million dollars. And as I said earlier and dad said earlier, he still underpaid, I can't imagine what era Rogers would go for it in open market just a free market because I believe a team would play pay him north of fifty million dollars a season move. Is you have to do? I'm really bothered by the way I'm going to go off our Rogers year. Chris Carter telling Adrian Peterson to hang it up. Are you kidding me? Chris Carter a guy who played two seasons too many is telling another guy when the hanging up and Adrian Peterson AP is really hurt by this whole to then because Chris Carter is one of the guys that AP looked up. He was a kid, it's terrible. Now. We'll be man. There are six and finish stones..

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