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Story my my daughter is getting home late from college and that's why we're going to have to have it'll we'd have to have it you stick to their this good and i gotta work on saturday that's another problem i was going to have it on saturday but i have to work that used to be your get out of jail yeah yes i you got to leave the party our ally myself i know my wife caught onto that just like why don't we have it on a day you don't have to work of football nine america uh you got me there yet for thirty one then just i just think it's week that's a little research into the scheduling of your kids flights him when they get back all right uh the probowl rosters release stood we talked about that college football signing day lane kiffan and his troops should florida atlantic rough up akron in some kind of ballgame fifty two three gordon hayward the celtics four would join is coming up in fifteen minutes poll question make levin would we have we got some people on hold want to talk about this poll question okay we switch it up to who's tree which one you lie man or damn arena fifty one percent ally a start off very close okay police thinks marino if you gave him truth serum which they'd rather have realised career i think ill i would rather have dan marino's career how can you not pick to rings over no rings though even and damn reno dam ryan is completely comfort with his career in his place in history mmhmm but deep down it's got to bother him that was all he did there was not a team around him that helped him get to a suitable because it wasn't dan marino's fault i think he looks at some of these other quarterbacks who won super bowls was like no 100 i know when a super bowl but karl malone is going to get this the rest of his life john stockton charles barkley who else is up there with uh trying to think like somebody who didn't win a championship and.

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