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Cover up this continued to invest. It is talk radio 16 wcbm Baltimore is listening. 35 25 minutes now before the Arvin O'clock, our next guest of the Newsmax hotline, nationally known medical contributor Best selling author. Regular guest anchor for the Fox News Channel. But Dr Nicole Sapphire is a full time practicing board certified radiologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City. Doctor Sapphire. Thanks for joining us this morning. Good morning. Thank you so much for having me. Our pleasures of the book is panic attack playing politics with science in the fight against covert 19. It is an excellent read on I want to start with with something is obviously topical in the news. Today. That is this origin trying to uncover the origin of where this virus came from. Was it from animal to human species? Did it accidentally come from the lab was an intentionally released from the lab. And we should be following the science on this, but it's hard to do when actual scientists aren't being allowed to get in and investigate this right. Absolutely. And of course, I speak on my own opinions and not of that of anyone else when I speak on this, But I can tell you that when I was researching for my book, I found it crucial. Tonto put an entire chapter in on the viral origin theories to explore that a bit because I found that there were far too many strange occurrences and coincidences that occurred with the lab and the sight of outbreak And you know, it's interesting because in the beginning anyone who questioned the natural spillover theory Was deemed anti science wrong and you're really not allowed to talk about it. However, you know, yes. So natural still over, especially in a wet market is the most common common type when you see when you have local outbreaks for epidemics. But again when you have a viral institute 10 miles away from that wet lab that we know is you are doing research on crone viruses genetically similar to the one circulating and they were actually putting in mutations in the virus similar to what we're seeing in the virus circulating. You have to ask those questions. Doesn't mean anything. The various went on. It's possible that one of the lab technicians just got infected and then spread it and so started the pandemic. It wouldn't be the first time in our history this has happened. Why couldn't we have asked those questions? And that's the problem that I have with the weight unfolded, and I think that the Wuhan as you pointed out, that's a That's a biosafety level four lab, but apparently it was being run as a biosafety level two. On. If you're not suited up on bailing these deadly pathogens properly, it would be fairly easy for it to escape. What do you think of the Chinese? I'm sorry What I was saying What you think of the Chinese actions in this cover up is it Does I'll tell you something? Well, the chapter immediately following the origin chapter is one of the Chinese cover because again you can talk. These are such important facets of this pandemic. You have to talk about them and The train's Communist Party we knew were less than forthcoming with prior pandemic specifically stars Taiwan, South Korea They were sounding the alarm early on because they had systemic memory of dealing with China with the last start. And now then you move forward, and they were suppressing the cases their death. They had whistle blower positions who were trying to speak out who were bringing being brought into interrogation. Forced to sign documents saying that they were spreading this information if they have to be held accountable for this, But not it. Not only have they not been held accountable, people haven't even been able to talk about it. Says. All of a sudden our media has told us if you talk about any of this You are promoting racism and xenophobia. It has nothing to do with that. It doesn't matter if it's occurring in China. It's just a matter of what is happening. You cannot suppress things and then unleash this pathogen on the world. That has wreaked havoc and not be held accountable for it. We're talking with Dr Nicole South Fire. Her book is Panic Attack on our Newsmax hotline this morning. India got hit pretty hard recently. And yet their numbers have started to come down and we find out because they're treating patients with diver elected and Throughout an executive order that doctors could not prescribe Hydroxy Corcoran less it was for the prescribed uses malaria, Lupus at center could not use it for covert treatments. Of in your as a practicing physician. How much has politics interfered with the practice of medicine In this pandemic? We know it's like you read my book, because when I started talking about I dropped the chloroquine the book. I thought it would be a couple of paragraphs, but it had it turned into a chapter in itself because of the scandal that unfolded with it. Yes, hydrochloric on one of the oldest, cheapest medications with known anti viral properties, But we have a new virus circulating. Of course, we're gonna throw the sink at it. We're going to try everything we possibly can. The only problem that happened was that President Trump Mentioned it, and we're trying to give hope to the American people that there is a potential treatment immediately. The need jerk anti trumpism caused Division which resulted in one of the greatest academic scandals of my lifetime for certain Involved faulty data retraction of journals. It was just it was sickening. And then you have a You mentioned governors and prescribing board that we're taking away freedom from physicians who are just trying to treat patients and just trying Do anything they can to keep patients out of the hospital wasn't that with our goal was they started saying okay, we can use these treatments, but only the patient is in the hospital, but the goal is to keep patients out of the hospital. And all of the emerging data was showing if these medications worked, they worked early on and to keep people from getting severe disease. So when you take away those prescription, right You really could outpatient treating doctors off at the knees. They had nothing. They had no nothing in their arsenal to try and keep patients out of the hospital. Dr Sapphire. What science was Governor Cuomo or Governor Murphy or Governor Newsome or Governor Wittmer or any of these governors following when they Ordered covert positive patients back in the nursing homes. Science. Um, I don't know. If you could say they were falling any science they were trying to keep their well, I can tell you what Governor Cuomo was doing and governor must be because I lived through it. Hospitals were full here. We had very few beds and they were trying to figure out ways to keep beds open now, But I can tell you rather than utilizing the Javits Center and they comfort ship that was sent here. They moved forward positive patients to nursing homes, saying Yes, If they recovered from their infection, and they can go back, they can go. But as we have found out, he's not contagious Cove in for much longer than just those when they have severe symptoms. And nursing homes are not equipped to deal with highly contagious rested Torrey Pathogens. Nursing homes have always been a breeding ground for nosocomial infections, meaning infections you actually transmit when you're in the setting. Why would they think that this would be any better?.

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