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Take me out to the ballgame oh I'm sorry this is Rudy Giuliani back on the show I do that sometimes in the middle of the night when I'm dreaming I have these dreams of Aaron judge running like the does does tremendous sprints like Joe DiMaggio just at the very end catching the ball put two men on base and then Geraldo Chapman jumping up and down we can't really jumpy so tall pounces gloves and stuff like that for a walk off home run by well maybe you or anybody else so now you call one eight hundred eight four A. W. A. B. C. that's one eight hundred eight four eight nine two two two you can talk to me about anything you can talk about baseball if you want I mean I don't care but we can also talk about coronavirus which is what we're supposed to talk about but I want to talk about baseball just for a minute as it is connected to coronavirus so as you know you know I lived through September eleven and I don't think there's any question that anyone would would would dispute that baseball football particularly baseball help to take us out of it it helped to give us a sense that life will go on that there are does fun parts of life are still there not for some people I knew it wasn't gonna be baseball so within two to two days I got Broadway back and push them a bit because they were afraid that they were free to the theater should be bombed and some of the some of the actors didn't want to comment so we are given protection for a while we sent the police department bring a man we had extra police there we did everything we could to make him feel comfortable that we were reducing most of the rest but you never reduce all the risk when I when I lift the when I did the ball dropping ceremony two thousand which I did eight times the times square there was threats right over a terrorist attack and I walked up all by myself I had to have someone joining me I think it was more Muhammad Ali come to think of it I think and he did a one year I don't know if it was two thousand but we have been spending weeks preparing for a terrorist attack there have been a possible attack in Seattle they had considered canceling the new year's celebration there was some recommendations that we cancel ours and of course our safer and I said No Way will just make it safe but there's a walking up there I'm thinking I'm all by myself now if anybody wanted to take me out D. easy and you just go through it you know how you do it so the U. there is risk in life and one of the things I think baseball can do is I can get over that you can get us to start thinking about the other parts of life we don't completely concentrate on this cold thing because it's been driven somewhat it's been driven somewhat out of the gym someone out of proportion when I look at the statistics it's a very real risk to real risk for people actually older than me it's a risk for me and if you are considerably younger than me I'm sorry pal it's not really a risk and we could do it so that we just put the segregation part the the the isolation part on on the people that are at risk we let the people aren't at risk carry on their lives and keep our economy going so that all of us can rejoin it when when we get to the point that we want to get to and then we also say it will give people a chance to decide how much risk they want to take so we got to get back to baseball baseball baseball baseball the plan now is Joe Jr June we're gonna have some spring training but hopefully they'll put the games on television and that'll restore some degree Saturday for me in my baseball crazy friends then they could be games and they say they're not gonna allow people in for the first time but there are a lot of people just gonna be on TV okay okay okay I'll take that but I'm gonna make a couple of suggestions as we go along here I'm going to suggest maybe you could space is out I wear a mask maybe they could do Yankee Meknes I'd be nice if they really get tough our hazmat uniforms that be funny you know you have people sitting there in those big white things with the big white thing over the head the just gonna have to have like an opening so I can yell scream and disagree with the umpire or will be a baseball game man we gotta get back now no Broadway's cancel for the summer what you do that what is your schedule for the whole summer for do a little something I don't know what's happening I really don't know what is happening I think we didn't analyze this with enough well not really rational solid thinking and look at the percentages for different age groups and realized this isn't universal okay we still have time for calls and I want to hear from you one eight hundred eight four eight W. A. B. C. that's one eight hundred eight four eight nine two two two before I did because I want to thank both assembly woman Nicole Malliotakis who by the way is running for Congress in Staten Island part of Brooklyn and we have invited her opponent sentiment text in the letter to come on I'd love to talk to and then we have had governor Christie and he was really enjoyable I want to thank them and I want to ask you once again to take a look at my podcast on British common sense dot com where a lot of these names are discussed in fact the one tomorrow with doctor Greer is all about re opening and doctor Greer has a very very interesting scientific view that's different than some others science is not all you know one way either so now it's time to chat with the mayor first color is a first call now is you'll from blooming Grove hi Mr mayor it's nice talking to you again how will you you'll want good not too bad at all good good good I'll tell you I'm a financial professional and I've been following corona Vitas in the beginning of the year in the very beginning of the year I predicted this economic collapse I would advise people to take some measures that people that listen to me are doing much better what what did you and what you find in the do you know what what what would have been the thing to do before it all happened it all happened I just I just made them aware that economic crisis right is that much bigger concern than the health crisis I do believe that not only the financial crisis is bigger than the health crisis oh absolutely okay tell us what I do not I'm gonna tell you why but I also want to tell you that I do have a solution they'll tell me that common then whatever and that's why that's why I'm calling you because you're the commonsense guide then I want to common sense solution absolutely and your account you an accountant I'm I'm an accountant well accounts of eminent common sense of that tell me that tell me the truth to be told I would love to get on your podcast with common spending okay you might you might have an hour you give me a short little version of it and we'll see so what do you think what's what's the answer what I'm thinking is that we haven't even started the coronavirus didn't.

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