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If you have Alexa, Google home, just say play WFAN, and you'll be locked into the fans, so miss the mice. Joe called out one though syndergaards Saturday on call them out of Boyd rated them here on the fan. And then I sent out a tweet wake up feeling perky add to star. Bog, Scott, the walk? I was ready to go ready to watch the Mets. And I basically issued the challenge said the mental Penn is over taxed the reds can't hit all like, can you go out and dominate. What does he do? He went out and dominate shutout hits the home run to win the game can't draw up any better for your point Noah, Syndergaard that was fantastic. And. I'm not sure if he was responding specifically to your critique, but whatever it was shaving off the beard. He said, I'll never, you know, wear a beard again. I hope we never see the man. I mean enough at g that's a bad. Look, I mean, thank you could have been worse. If eve, you know, put it through the the back strap. Fitted hats, Harris. So it's not like you got that plastic stuff. It doesn't work that way. Stan. But this nothing to say, the the important thing is that you at least once around the rotation. You've had all five starters pitch pretty well. And you wanna see that as much as you can obviously this is this is what the team is built on the starting pitching. And so as you said, you wanna see more? You know, if I if I see this two more times through the rotation. I'll be feeling pretty darn good. I'll tell you that. I think that's totally fair. And now, you take it up a notch offensively Milwaukee. And with the San Diego Padres. I know it's weird staying to stay dago Padres actually school runs. But there aren't that can actually score a couple runs from Cindy going vantage point, though, I need to see beyond just one start like his extort against the Padres doesn't need to be complete game shutout but six innings of one run baseball seven innings of Terim baseball getting back to being that consistent frontline starter. I see that two or three times that will tell me Harrison Noah Syndergaard hits back. It looked to me. It comes down with with him to throwing strikes. He has historically been a guy that doesn't walk a lot of batteries. But early this season that was a big problem for him was interesting. They broke it down on the post game on. That's why through a lot more curve balls in this game as a fewer, sliders and other words sort of from the slider the curve ball. He was getting curb all over with regularity if he can do that on a consistent basis, then he's going to be the Noah Syndergaard that we've seen in the past totally fair from a Yankee standpoint Harris, we're not having a Yankee game Thursday night. But he hit this news that and do our home games, man. I can't wait to get that guy back in a lot of with the emergence of Jewish shelhah funding Enke's, I'm not rushing to put them out in the field every day because I got a third baseman Capac. It I needed to do that. I know won't term that's not gonna work out. But I don't think it's the craziest idea at least for the time being heaven mcgilla do or D H at least three or four days a week. Do also have liability of Gary Sanchez behind the plate. Stay. He's gonna catch Harris Kerry catching gains fish. Well. Yes. But you know, how many don't you want at some point? They'll have Austin role behind the plate and Sanchez D H one. Today's a week. I think to Seattle's Gary Sanchez catching. Well, I wanna tension then you have to live with the defense. Well, it hasn't killed the Yankees to a great deal this year. It's not like last year. I didn't I don't remember the number. But I just saw today or two ago that. An inordinate amount of wild pitches with Sanchez behind the play. Obviously, you know, some of those are the pictures fault at their while. Tonto though. Well, again, be fair a couple of weeks ago. I felt like there were times off the roll my behind the point was having issues where if it was Gary Sanchez, this radio station would be like death com. You know, what I mean like any time? There is a Keri Sanchez like past Paul wild pitch. It's like sound the along people ready to lose their mind. But yet what have lost role nine double standard? Well, that's you say that it's fine. I can't argue with you. But I mean to me if Sanchez is going to be your catcher five six days a week, right? You you're gonna have to deal with with defense. Johnny bench behind the plate. We agree that he's not going to be Johnny. He needs to you know, hit more than two thirty. I getting home runs, but a little more from nine forty or nine fifty s I could deal with a little batting average. That's right. That's this that and if he gets to fifty and he has. Nine fifty. I'm a okay. So I'm not going to spoil Brian Mazas picks because he did an unbelievable podcast with Marc Baloushis that you can find on WFAN dot com. Kentucky Derby preview all the undercard races too. But what I'm gonna give you now because I'm not giving you a Kentucky Derby pick. You have one you want to share with the audience, and honestly, I don't think about horse racing. So I'd be born everybody just be selling you bunch of BS. If I gave you pick because I don't have any conviction on a book. I have the great professor Massey. Who is my college football handicapping extraordinary. Great college football season. And he loves the ponies. He can't get an offer the ponies. So I'm gonna read the Email. He sent me this is some detailed stuff. And that's why the professor Saturday race twelve Kentucky Derby rain is likely for Saturday, which really moves improbable. And with the scratch of the favorite Omaha beach improbable will battle with stablemate game winner for favouritism in race. The question I have about the Kentucky Derby, not mine. Massey's question is the pace of the race who challenges maximum security, scratch of Omaha beach removes one horse would be around early boat express. The speed doesn't travel is foreign race makes a rod who is moving on them. When I don't think the pace is for Dave causes high-cal win win win von to win. So he likes the two favorites hitting the ticket and improbable in game winner, and he's going to use some of the other horses that have held speed in their press. Again as words mine to Tex nineteen spin off. Kalma? He's putting a coma. Most of the tickets and using them with game win an improbable the most fliegelman, I don't know. What thing about what he's saying? He likes to favorites. He likes coma. Tell me your thoughts on this race. Would you please? Well, I like one of the horses. He named one of the favorites. Now in probably is going to be right up there. Rod Ortiz now writing and been very very good to me in the past. I think initially could be if nobody challenges maximum security for the lead early on. I think war of will might and I think one of the longshots might just because if nobody's challenging maximum security. He can just kind of close to lead not expend that much energy in. I mean, you don't really have a wire-to-wire finish in the Kentucky Derby, but a lot of these courses are going to try to hang back. Not too far off the lead a couple Lancs. But I like improbable good good post position. And I mean, I think it's gonna come down to one of the Baffert horses, and I'm going with improbable dago and just seems like a name. He just imagine. When they're calling the screaming the name of the winner at the end doesn't improbable sound like a great call there. Well, my fliegelman I got news for you. I'm gonna put your pick in a wage it is weekend. And I don't know what about horse say. But I trust my people. So you never get involved with the exact try. Bet a horse. That's you know, that's a favorite that. Then you're not gonna win much make so yeah, that's. Improbable over a couple of horses. Maybe over a couple more for controlling exact. And I don't know how it works. I mean, you know, I kind of sense of field wheel the exactly like that. It's your horse over everybody. Maybe we'll wins. You win. The exact no matter what this horse racing stuff is like mine, you know, for me. I mean, I feel like I need to sit down and have a tutorial. Listen, you ask people when you don't really have a clue and most part. I what hell I'm doing. I don't know what I'm doing. I'll say this. You tried to teach me how to play craps table. If you want one day, we can sit down with the racing program. And I'll show you how that works. We're even I teach fliegelman crabs. He teaches me about the ponies. Let's say the Roxbury, New Jersey Wilson is up next. Greg Wilson was pal? Let me ask, you know. Besides he right. That is a in bag time SuperBowl champion that basically management has Warren basically, five years of this guy, and nobody has put it up. They're plenty of quarterbacks that have seen prime and quickly and have seen, you know. Paul roster decisions and poor roster construction hurt the team. I mean, Troy Aikman. Once Jimmy Johnson left was irate with Barry Switzer. Dan Marino never had a running game. Never had a defense air Rogers the last couple years of his career. The Packers have not put a good roster around him. Sort of say you the only quarterback that's been dealing with the competences. Just simply not the case. Jerry's to right by on building office on affirmative. Yeah. The problem is Eli manning is now on the wall of the player. He wants was moving on, folks. You're not seeing any like top amount and holding up another one bardy trophy. The question is what is Daniel Jones taken rents and story, the New Jersey Andy next on a foul of anti gay. What's going on? And it was like cool all gambling. Shame on you. Well, listen any I can't be gambling on everything. I mean, whether it's the NFL our college basketball or college football, make sit in a little NBA postseason every now and again NHL postseason every now and again any I need a little bit for break casino. Blackjack apply. Some crabs on time of my life. When you're investing your money in something you really don't have a dog cool about I mean, that's tough to do. You learn about it because that's the one spot you could probably make good money in a lot of people. Tell me that. I know when I was with them trying to make that argument to me, but I have a passion for it. I know a lot of people do for you. This is in. It's just not my Cup of tea. Yes. Well, I'll tell you. Why cake I got me really looking at one horse. I loved it improbable now going the only reason I'm sign away from him a little because Jose. Cheese off of him. So I guess so. Tech is that's the other horse that I'm looking at now. Bosses. He knows about a horse. Tactic with the only woman Morial hosted never really good in the derby. So right now. I going to I watched all the race. I didn't really add to capping it to my head. Improbable and the other. I like is more will because we're will and Oma, Hoppy. Too hot horse. They were they wanted to check in with traffic workout. So I'm kind of pissed that all my each batch. I really do much derby. But you know, that's here now. So I mean, that's kind like take on it. I probably. Mitch one way is going to be a problem. I will take that into account. And it seems like we're all going to be riding improbable together. It's going to be. JJ after dark peak improbable, I like it close my hitting Cipolla, the soup executive country house crush. Tactic is in country out. It's amazing. And I appreciate the call always a foreign language to me you come on the air. And listen, you're in command you're in control with the horses. I'm like taking it all in. Because. Yeah, come Saturday at six o'clock at may want to have some the.

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