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To eight right here on KFI PK radio. Fifteen thirty AM and ninety three point one FM. Barry. It's so different and some of our other reservoirs, you take it doesn't matter which one along the east side of the valley, if it's Orrville or fulsome or party or command cheer new Maloney's. It's all fed by snow melt. Comes from the high Sierra Nevada's well at Barry essay, it's the coast range. It's not a lot of snow, man. I mean there, you know, you get up on Cobb mountain, and there's going to be snow, but it doesn't have the snow runoff that. The Sierra Nevada's do and therefore states will warmer, and then it gets coal once in a while. But the whole bottom line is it's going to provide a little bit better fishing in winter. Then a lot of the lakes on the other side. Now, you can just shut my mouth because Shasta lake is got four major rivers coming into it mostly rainwater runoff, but they're fishing is good right now. So hey, your rules are made to be broken. But thinking specifically of Folsom and Barry, Barry is going to be a better winner fishery. And I talked to Luke Luke Popovich yesterday about that fishery. Look last time we talk about lake Barry Esa. It had come up a little bit. And it had clouded up a little bit. And while normally that might not be a bad thing. It didn't seem to do the fishing any good. What's happened since then? Well, since then the water came up a little bit more came up a couple of feet more. And after this last week it got super super cold actually dropped the water temperature even more about two degrees. But it doesn't seem like that much for those fish. That's that's a. You know, in the crazy thing is is I was out there this week, and it actually seemed to make the bite better seem to be catching more fishing, even bigger. Fish doesn't make any sense sometimes doesn't I think the my one explanation would be. For the fish. We never really had a true winter.

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