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Nobody coming to jesus human being suggesting. You should do that other than some idiot. I don't spend a dollar on an adult bouncy house if these people really need the dow adult bouncy house to have a good time. Don't come to the show. You know this entire world is. It's a lot of fun until you start. Actually enjoying the fucking hammer comes down. And everyone's like oh fuck you. I mean he's like yeah. That's tim wriggles. Yes i like to like food. Nobody's nobody has actually told them to do that. No but you're he's not shitting on you right now. He's shitting on. Yeah time with the sound. Get fuck headed which we'll call it a fucking don tank. We do a mechanical bull. Fuck it up picture thing and at the same time. Like why isn't the fucking. Why isn't the show doing this. Like why hold on. Because that's not my job. You fucking shit head. That's why shithead shithead shithead shit head. That is why your head is full of shit. Jesus fucking christ. I mean holy fuck. I wanna cancel this fucking show. Now i mean fuck you're gonna throw your third thing but why isn't a fucking show doing this. I don't know because we're doing a fucking show. They're like what am i missing. Well i would say the amount of money the point. Why just in. Until i wasn't just today. Why am i paying a thousand dollars to have a mechanical bullet soko. I don't know because the average person there's forty fucking years old and have some fun. It's all a fucking it's not. It's not a school fucking carnival. That's why you go to a couple of beers. It's fucking pretzels hanging out with these. Other shitheads these other fucking morons and watch the show. Or don't i don't really care. But i mean it's like what the fuck this sense of tilmant is unbelievable. Then the more i thought about. Why the fucking show doing it. You can say that you know if we let's say do a show there. I feel like we're open the krizman if we just blow it off if we don't show up then you criticize us. That seems fair. But you're now getting mad at us because we're not paying about paying money for this or something and be because we're not providing a dunk tank in soko. I mean what a fucking moron. You are overlooking no in the description of soko. Just input that we're going to have a and tuten good time so i think that's where the implications she tex thirty times a day. Dm threats you see. I don't know why would why should why. Why should the burden of busby to have a dunk tank. I don't think the burden of us should be on it at all so i don't think that is fair. Criticism that justin should have a dunk tank ready or why first of all it should have been me. Justin did enough for phone anyway. He's gonna namedrop anyone of that situation. But i think you've taken the stock river. Put his fucking head in the dunk tank and watch them fucking die. Jesus i think the the intention of rob or anyone that gets in this situation. His intentions are good..

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