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To get vaccinated as latte age. Group sees the highest number of covert nineteen cases so typical headline because It's got the fear factor in there that apparently because there's more cases young people should be afraid and therefore going to be vaccinated whereas the nation's all the calls the the Viruses not dangerous for those young people but sky following the policy and they've reinforced with quotes from this gentleman. Roughly ally the owner honoree consultant oxford university hospitals and hfs trust without any data any graphs and statistics and information of any sort. He simply gives his opinion to provide the meat of skies reporting so this is what he says as a lot of this age group of getting infected something they are immune anyway so they don't need the vaccine. The risks are low of a young gay people if they get cova join teen so some think they need the vaccine but they still do no data to support that clayton Whatsoever some also developed covert in the interim after the first dose so they've had to delay getting their second which could be affecting numbers are particularly like not one so you get vaccinated which is going to protect. You doesn't what you need two doses and then is there evidence that it protects. You fully know. There isn't so the spinning continues. There's no doubt we're struggling to get higher uptake in lower age groups than we'd like who is way i wondered when i read this statement Because does he regard himself as simply being part of the british government. Team is part of the sage team is. He is a paul to boris. Johnson's cabinet team. Who is way well. Of course we're not told It's a bit of inertia as well as natural infection affecting the numbers. But we'd expect that to improve in the coming weeks if cases continue to four so cases of falling the the Covert is not dangerous for younger people despite that we've gotta keep pushing for vaccinations. Now is also a really good time to be able to get both doses before starting university in september. You don't want to be self isolating when you get there. That wasn't gonna comment on this. Because what roughly alley is doing is ending with the psychology of fear and a threat. I if you don't do what we suggest you're going to do if you don't do what we telling you then you could be a very nasty position so far slating university and of course we know. There's a huge increase in mental health problems amongst young students as a result of the government's lockdown policies to date so a sky news article with no data document statistics evidence of any kind to back out the claiming headline Well the telegraph dare to go. Claiming at exclusive that over half of covert hospitalizations tested positive after admission and what they're saying is leaked did a suggest. Vast numbers classes being hospitalized by the virus when they were admitted when in fact they were admitted with other ailments. More than half the cove hospitalizations our patients the only tested positive after admission. According to leak data the figure suggest vast numbers of being classes hospitalized by covert when they're admitted with other ailments with the virus picked up by routine testing at so in other words. they're exhibiting symptoms. They went in for another issue They were then tested on. They tested positive. Experts said it meant the national statistics published daily on the government website. Unfrequently referred to by ministers may far overstate the levels pressures on the nhs look linked data covering all lanchester. Negli- show that as of last thursday. Just forty four percent of the patients. Class forty four percent volt people who test positive in the fourteen days before hospital entry. A further forty three percent were made with today's admission. Thirteen percent made the days and weeks that followed including those likely to have caught the virus in hospital. So they do quote. Karl hannigan from the center for evidence based medicine at oxford university and he said that data is incredibly important and it should be published on an ongoing basis when people hear about hospitalizations with covert. They will assume that cova does the likely calls but this did issue something quite different. This is about cova big detected after tests. Were looking for it. They also quote Grand british who's the chairman of the nineteen twenty two committee saying that nearly two months into the cova crisis. It's absurd that data is breaking down. Hospital admissions isn't still isn't publicly. Available on a regular basis cutting all patients who test positive is co covert hospitalizations inevitably misleading and gives a false picture of the continuing health. Impact of the virus Greg clark who's chairman of the cullman science technology select committee chimed in as well he said if hospitalizations from covert are determined determinant fi could side. We should be quickly react. restrictions should be lifted. It supported that did not presented in a way that could lead to the wrong conclusions being drawn while some of these people at being admitted you to cove. We currently do not know how many and for those are not. There's a big distinction between people who admitted because of covert under those who are in for something else would have coveted much more mild form or it's not the cause of that hospitalization and i'm going to say well. I'm glad some people are starting to catch up almost because this is something. This is a point that we tried to make for about a year. Not i think and So what is this article. Is this an attempt to walk back from the from the previous position in the mainstream press or is this Finally ambition by the mainstream press that they've been wrong from the beginning on this thing. It's the truth. Starting to spread through the system. They've pumped outpolled of the misleading information and the mainstream beater on talking about the press of pushed out with the government policy. A lot of that has been untrue. It's been misleading. It's been propaganda now. What we've got his truth which is very powerful starting to seep back through the system so this is Anybody who's speaking out and they're looking at in the right direction and presenting the data needs to be supported So let's have a look at this time because somebody gives us some indication misleading information. We thought of the lost twelve or fourteen months this actually was published in december. Two paper From italy it's entitled unexpected detection of sars cov to ati bodies in the dynamic in the pandemic sorry. The pre pond democ period in italy And so This was from italy's institute nasional Maury it's a concert institute They collected blood samples with respect to cancer patients in september october night. Twenty i tape which seemed to indicate the corona varsity bodies. Were already a present at this point. so They were the these Sorry least concerts study samples were retrospectively tested and the results showed eleven point. Six percent of nine hundred fifty nine healthy. Volunteers had people these in their blood already. In september october which means they had been infected prior to that And so the suggestion is this These were people who were all male smokers super bowl fifty five to sixty five years old on. It's not clear why they should have had these deportees as you can see from the title of this but we'll just say that of course we've had other scientific research or just before we get to that. We'll we'll mention this article over. Nineteen italian study revives bit over. When pandemic started in europe this is from local dot. It and this because up-to-date this december research has not be confirmed by the world health organization and The quote in this article. Is that the results of this. Re-testing suggests that What we previously reported that asymptomatic patients is a plausible signal of early circulation of the fires and italy. Will they keep buying a symptomatic narratives. That's not quite accurate but anyway because if no clear knowledge if whether these people were symptomatic because they weren't looking for symptoms of this at the time If this is confirmed this would explain. The explosion of cases observed deadly Sars two or an earlier version. Circularly circulated silently beneath the surface will could be because the vast majority of symptoms that people see are some similar if not identical to the symptoms.

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