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Phone call. But it is a Twitter tweet tweet. It's not a Twitter. It's the tweet. And this is Bambi says I wonder if this sums up a lot of people's attitudes about this too says. Luckily, another democrat, nor am I Republican. So this is coming from a place of being neutral. I would not want to see any of these people who are on the democratic ticket running for anything. I wouldn't vote for anything any of them and the same thing on the Republican side. But that's that's the problem. I mean, you have to vote for somebody. So what do you do how do you intelligently vote? When you don't like anybody. Well, you see where they stand? And then the one who comes stains closest to your views, whether you like them or not you vote for that person. I think a lot of people voted for Trump who held their noses when they did. And they were very happy. They did because he's already given them to supreme court justices among other things. So we would like to think that we can vote for somebody who absolutely inspires us. Who was going to be the greatest leader in history. I would say at this point you got to grow up a little bit because these people don't come along and the ones who. Have been that way, the larger than life inspirational, moral exemplars who become role models, and heroes and leaders. They exist more fiction than in fact, and they existed when you didn't have social media. You know, what if Lincoln were president right now? And their social media. Don't you think he'd be devastated on social media? But how he looks and his past. And what about these the room with the guy and know all of those those stories about him would be out there, and you would be looking at people differently. Raymond. That's the shame. It's great that we have more communication and more information than we ever had. But it doesn't necessarily mean we have more. Wisdom information doesn't always quite to wisdom and there were times in the past. When there was very little information and a lot more wisdom, so something by the way, something else is going on of interest in the Democratic Party, which I alluded to just before the break. You know, the tea party transformed the Republican party when that guy CNBC said, we should have another tea party, Rick Santelli thing was name was so we should have another tea party and people caught on and tea party groups formed around the country, and they were sick and tired of it, and they didn't want to take it anymore. And they started creating a kind of a litmus test for Republicans. So suddenly Republicans who were theoretically conservative and Republicans were now not good enough. They were not conservative enough. They were not tea party is enough. They didn't have complete fealty to certain views, and suddenly these people most notably, for instance, Eric cantor who was a major player in congress and a conservative gets beaten by a guy who primaries him a Republican democrat by eleven brought to you, by the way, just lost. And that was happening all over the Republican party. And there was a lot of fear there because people who thought their bonafides or a fetus were okay. Suddenly we're being attacked from there. Right. And so it changed the Republican party in the Republican party at this point. I think it's fair to say is no longer. A big tent party was once a big tent party is not any longer. Well, savings happening with the Democrats. Now, suddenly with this election that just went through all the attention and heat went to the young the vigorous the people of color of the women, the transgenders the Muslim candidates shudder. And that that is having a big impact on who is the Democratic Party more than that. When we come back. Warning. If you're drowning in debt you can't afford, do not let the credit card companies trick you into thinking that you have to pay it all back because you don't what the credit card companies don't want you.

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