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Welcome to sports criminals park cast original every week we dive into the dark side of sports history jury and look at athletes who not only broke the law but broke the rules and covenants of their sport will also uncover how their actions impacted the history history of the sport they played. I'm Tim Johnson and I'm Carter Roy. You can find episodes of sports criminals and all of their par- cast originals for free on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts to stream sports criminals for free on spotify just open the APP and type sports criminals in the search bar at podcast. We're grateful for you our listeners. You allow us to do what we love. Let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook and Instagram at par cast and twitter quitter and podcast network welcome to the first of our two episodes on Pete Rose Baseball's all time leader in hits. He's he's also on Major League Baseball's in eligible list for gambling on baseball games including his own that means he's barred hard from any professional association with the MLB can't be inducted into the baseball hall of fame this week we'll dive into. Pete Rose's rise from unheralded cross backed the hometown hero also examined the beginnings of his entry into the dark world of underground beddings thanks and how it impacted his personal and professional life next week we'll follow. Pete's continued obsession with gambling and find out about how it landed him on the M. L. Bees in eligible list as far as athletes go every once in a while there comes along star that has no real discernible talent that is they do not excel in any clear way. They aren't the fastest don't display incredible smarts or instinct for the game. They're relatively under sized in often overlooked by professional all scouts but they have something about them. The swagger unabashed confidence and infectious and motivating drive. Have that pushes them past the competition. Pete Rose was the poster boy for this type of athlete at five eleven two hundred pounds stocky but not incredibly strong he swung the bat with a tight quick swing almost as though he was trying to slap the ball more than slug it it was known for his unceasing motor his relentless bass running his charging sacrificial style every sport has these players players these so-called Hustle guys they remind children and aspirational amateurs alike. You don't need the special ingredients of genetic lottery. Sometimes success is very much just hard work but rarely do. We count these type of players as the best. I ever play their game. Pete Rose was an exception to this rule. He rode the wave of his dedication to one one of the greatest individual careers baseball has ever seen raking seemingly unbreakable records winning multiple championships and MVP and making an incredible seventeen all star appearances with such a track record. It seemed inevitable that he would make baseball's hall of fame but Pete Rose wasn't just reckless in bullheaded on the field he had a hidden side to his personality body that would forever prevent him from getting baseball's greatest award. Peter Edward Rose Rose was born on April fourteenth nineteen forty one in Cincinnati. He's working class. Anderson Ferry neighborhood. His Father Harry was was a skilled semi pro football player and his mother Laverne had been talented high school softball player as well. Pete and Harry's relationship ship was special and informed much of who he later became Harry was an emblem of discipline every day in full work attire fire for his job as a bank teller leather shoes starched button-down shirt and uncomfortable slacks hairy would sprint up the hill leading adding to his house. If his football team lost over the weekend he would do it twice. Pete Watch this dedication and learned from a young age that desire heart and commitment could propel you forward in unexpected ways as a teenager rose was lightweight and undersized is but what he lacked in physical abilities he made up for with endless desire and boundless hustle rose was a star athlete late at Western hills high school playing both varsity football and baseball. He was known for his hard charging relentless style but those weren't the only qualities Harry hit instilled in his son even though he taught his son to never drink a drop of alcohol into I always get a good night's sleep. The elder rose was an avid gambler on the weekends. Harry liked to bet on horses is at the river downs race track. It wasn't unusual for Pete even when he was a young child to be. Intel that was life from the Anderson Ferry neighborhood. Pete loved going to the races with his dad he was fascinated by the analytical side of betting sure or luck played a big part but he also saw how when Harry took the time to really comb through the form guide he could emerge victorious more more often than not. There was nothing quite like watching the Horse Harry had picked crossed the line in first place the thrill of victory it was sweet indeed but not as sweet as the thrill of payout whenever Harry one big he would treat his son to an extravagant meal at their favorite restaurant. Pete loved the satisfaction of knowing Harry's careful strategy had helped them come out on top just like his athletic career. Pete saw how putting in the extra work at the race track could lead to significant reward that hard work translated slated to Pete's performances on the baseball field. He wasn't the strongest. He wasn't the fastest but he was relentless. It wasn't sexy but he thrived as the man to push his limits. He was also a natural leader. Pete's relentless intensity rubbed off on his his teammates inspired them to work harder run faster care a little more he truly embodied the Ralph Waldo Emerson quote that served as Western turnhill highs slogan. Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. Unfortunately enthusiasm awesome alone wasn't enough to get someone into the big leagues when Nineteen Year Old Pete graduated from High School in Nineteen sixty pro scouts didn't. I didn't think he had the physical tools to make it in the majors. College Ball wasn't in the cards. Either Pete wasn't exactly a gifted student. Luckily he had another option. The minor leagues at the time. Pete's Uncle Buddy was doing some scouting for Cincinnati's major league baseball team the reds after Pete went undrafted buddy convinced Cincinnati's upper management to give his nephew a minor minor league contract. It was a low risk high reward move. If Pete's physical development took the next step he could become a valuable player as well as a box office draw. Nothing resonated with fans more than a local kid making good after all and if Pete failed it was no big deal he was a no name prospect from Anderson Ferry not a high profile rookie who was expected to become the face of the franchise pete sign the contract with no hesitation even though he was getting sent to the Geneva red legs in the Class D New York Penn League. Although it was pro ball it was just about as far from the major leagues as a player Cadet. It's hard to know exactly how much he was making but chances are pete was barely early making a living in the minors today. A Minor League baseball players average starting salary is twelve hundred dollars per month in his his day. Pete was making tiny fraction of that and while there was a pot of gold waiting at the end of the proverbial rainbow. There was no guarantee not pete would make it. They're on generally only ten percent of all minor leaguers. Make it to the major league but the long hard hard road ahead of Pete didn't bother him. Keep your head down and surged forward. It was what his father taught him. It was the code that would bring him. Mm to the Big Leagues Pete's bet on himself paid off after three seasons in the minors. He got the call he had been dreaming of. Since he was a kid. The reds wanted him to join them for spring training ahead of the nineteen sixty three season but being part of spring training leaning wasn't the same as making the final twenty eight man roster although Pete had come a long way some of the reds coaches still had their doubts he was still slow and he had a hitch in his swing is pete was going to make the cut he'd have to prove his worth in the only way he knew how with unrelenting hustle the. May Have only been meaningless preseason games in February and March but p treated spring training training Mike it was the world series after one particularly memorable performance against the New York Yankees Superstars Whitey Ford in Mickey Mantle. We're discussing how pete had caught their eye. They called him Charlie.

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