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Of us to all of you the time on friday is six nineteen live from npr news in washington i'm louise schiavone a bomb attack just west of toronto has injured fifteen people as dan carpenter tells us police are searching for men seen fleeing the scene the two were described as light skinned one stocky the other thin police have released a photo of the pair both wearing dark hoodies and have their faces covered believes say an improvised explosive device was detonated inside the bombay bell indian restaurant late thursday there's been no claim of responsibility and no clear motive for the bombing the attack comes a month after a driver plowed into pedestrians in toronto killing ten and injuring fifteen page patterson former head of the southern baptist convention has lost his job as head of texas seminary following charges of abusive comments about women amanda jones who runs a baptist church in houston welcomes the development she spoke on morning edition i think that we're going to see more women speaking out about their experiences and i i think that we will all grieve what has happened what has been hidden how power has been the priority and not the protection of vulnerable people patterson allegedly told women they should tolerate abuse moviemaker harvey weinstein has now been booked in new york city led away in handcuffs from a lower manhattan police precinct he's charged with rape criminal sex acts sex abuse and sexual misconduct involving two separate women i'm louise schiavone npr news and i'm dave freeman in san francisco on good morning here's joe mcconnell with the latest traffic no change eighty eastbound crockett might not be any change for couple more hours or at least eighty eastbound crockett only one lane is open big rig fire from one twenty this morning six eighty south of mission and fremont collision lane second from the left still reported block that came in about thirty five minutes ago eight hundred eighty northbound at hagan burger road right lane is still reported blocked by the much earlier big rig fire there too with the backup to almost into san leandro now joe mcconnell for kiki thank you for the latest joe traffic brought to you by ashley home store support for k q e d comes from best.

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