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And I still think the most impressive win. Okay. I it was obviously what they did in the Super Bowl was really impressive. And we'll get to my modem biggest surprises of the Super Bowl here in a second. But I thought the most impressive win still is against the chiefs to hold the Rams to three points. Without a doubt is is remarkably impressive, especially after bay. He's the quarterback whisper fixing Jared Goff. They get all these free agents. The Rams I thought were the best team coming into this NFL season and the patriots beat them and they hold onto three points. That's impressive. But to me after having the road struggles that the patriots had this year, then go into aero- had a win that game. There were three and five on the road this year that to me is remarkable. Now, they were eight no at home and the patriots were so well represented in this game in Atlanta. We had Jake Aspen on the show our reporter in the field. And I asked him yesterday. I said how what was that ratio? While you were there you were in the stadium. I was not they kept talking about on the broadcast Jim Nance and Tony Romo how the patriots fans are just so well represented, and he he said it was like ninety two ten ninety five to five. I don't know if that's more of an indictment on Los Angeles fans, or if that is such an incredible credit to these New England Patriots fans, but the patriots were eight zero at home this year, and that was basically a home Super Bowl for them. And Dont'a Hightower talked about how look this is. It might not be the most talented group that they have linebacker for the patriots. But it certainly is one of the most special grips. We've got a special group in with a group that we got in there where we're able to do a lot of different stuff in a lot of guys they weren't able to pick it up. So. Yeah. We had a lot of a lot of games. So. Was able to to get up and get on the quarterback. That's that they did pay cut to the quarterback. So with that. Let's go with our surprises of the Super Bowl. I got four and this will probably be I'm so looking forward to the NBA trade deadline. That's going to be most of the talk show for the rest of the week. So let's conclude this NFL season with my force the prices of the Super Bowl number one. Just what Dante Hightower said right there. The Rams offensive.