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Business wars daily on this January thirteenth. You no longer need to be a software engineer Jeanie or a high tech sales person to make a very decent salary. Six figure incomes are now within reach for those whose skills lie more in the realm of sourcing salsa supplies and and managing surly teenagers. Yes you heard me correctly last week. Taco Bell announced that it will pay some of its managers annual salaries of one two hundred thousand dollars. That's almost double the national average for fast food restaurant managers. The new policy will take effect later this year. The chain said and we'll apply only to managers the jurors who work in its company owned stores as about ten percent of its seven thousand locations according to nation's restaurant news. The rest are franchises. Of course and not every every manager will get a hefty raise. Either Taco Bell says it will choose some managers in its northeast and Midwest locations but it has not said how many the pay hikes are a response to persistent turnover. Problems plaguing the restaurant business especially fast food chains. That turnover is a result of a decade of falling link unemployment and some might argue persistent low wages to the unemployment rate fell to three and a half percent November the lowest rate since nineteen sixty Jeanine according to Bloomberg on a daily basis that means restaurant executives have a hard time filling positions and keeping good talent over the last few years Labor shortages have inspired some change to add significant benefits in hopes of reducing turnover two years ago Taco bell owned by Yum brands extended an education plan including tuition discounts. To all of its two hundred ten thousand workers starting on the first day late that year. McDonald's served up a novel career. Planning.

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