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Transcription <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> can put <Speech_Male> Marcus, <Speech_Male> which alike, <Speech_Male> I guess chapter headings <Speech_Male> to my <Speech_Male> thinking. <Speech_Male> And I could help <Speech_Male> those and <Speech_Male> they do appear <Speech_Male> within <Speech_Male> the script and I <Speech_Male> think I showed you <Speech_Male> I thought they were <Speech_Male> not the most logical <Speech_Male> to me anyway. <Speech_Male> <hes> <Speech_Music_Male> I'm where I thought they would be <Speech_Music_Male> more logical. But what I <Speech_Male> would really love is the <Speech_Male> ability to take <Speech_Male> the exported <Speech_Male> descript <Speech_Male> file <Speech_Male> and <Speech_Male> basically have <Speech_Male> the upload <Speech_Male> feature <Speech_Male> into <Speech_Male> let's say I tuned. <Speech_Male> Chapters <Speech_Male> Ation. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> Those Malkin <Speech_Male> convert <Speech_Male> to. <Speech_Male> Three tags <Speech_Male> have you <Speech_Male> added that as a feature <Speech_Male> request I have <Speech_Male> been <Speech_Male> voted as well. <Speech_Male> Wonderful <Speech_Male> Well, the <Speech_Male> company <Speech_Male> Works Sam <Speech_Male> once it <Speech_Male> starts gaining enough <Speech_Male> momentum every <Speech_Male> six weeks we <Speech_Male> put out a new release, <Speech_Male> and so <Speech_Male> there's a <Speech_Male> decent chance. We can have <Speech_Male> that autismspeaks <Speech_Male> bumps the other things <Speech_Male> out of the way <Speech_Male> you know we talked about publishing <Silence> early so. <Silence> <Speech_Male> That technology <Speech_Male> already <Speech_Male> exists for us within <Speech_Male> our published pages. <Speech_Male> So <Speech_Male> if you have <Speech_Male> a published <Speech_Male> webpage. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> I'm carjack anybody <Speech_Male> to put ample <Speech_Male> markers in there <Speech_Male> because <Speech_Male> you can click on the marker <Speech_Male> in it'll automatically <Speech_Male> jump to that section <Speech_Male> of the transcript <Speech_Male> and the audio and then <Speech_Male> play those <Speech_Male> so. <Speech_Male> We know we <Speech_Male> have the time code for it. <Speech_Male> It's a great suggestion <Speech_Male> and so <Speech_Male> anybody else who agrees <Speech_Male> go to the feature requests <Speech_Male> part of the scripts went <Speech_Male> page give it a couple <Speech_Male> votes I'm <SpeakerChange> sure salmon it'd <Speech_Male> be very happy. I will <Speech_Male> be a very happy <Speech_Male> man now <Speech_Male> the last couple <Speech_Male> of questions. <Speech_Male> Language. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> English is <Speech_Male> easy. How <Speech_Male> are you faring <Speech_Male> with internationalization <Speech_Male> and language <Silence> is other languages. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> So there's <Speech_Male> really no <Speech_Male> technological <Speech_Male> reason why <Speech_Male> we can't <Speech_Male> do it. The <Speech_Male> main thing we're trying to do, <Speech_Male> I, is <Speech_Male> roll out the <Speech_Male> experience on. <Silence> <Speech_Male> primarily <Speech_Male> us. <Speech_Male> As best <Speech_Male> we can. So we can understand <Speech_Male> all the quirks <Speech_Male> and <Speech_Male> get the the <Speech_Male> the workflow is great as <Speech_Male> possible, and <SpeakerChange> then scale <Speech_Male> out from there. <Speech_Male> I'm glad to say <Speech_Male> you recognize <Speech_Male> British as well <Speech_Male> very well. <Speech_Music_Male> We. We <Speech_Male> do and and and <Speech_Male> so you notice that <Speech_Music_Male> I say it's a <Speech_Male> big part of his it's the transcription <Speech_Male> models <Speech_Male> and you're the <Speech_Male> thing with. <Speech_Male> Both on the transcription, <Speech_Male> and also in <Speech_Male> the speech generation, <Speech_Male> it's only as good as your <Speech_Male> training set. <Speech_Male> So one <Speech_Male> of the things that I'm <Speech_Male> really thrilled <Speech_Male> with is <Speech_Male> really just how <Speech_Male> how <Speech_Male> diverse and how international <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> descript core team <Speech_Male> is a <Speech_Male> lot of different languages <Speech_Male> spoken within the <Speech_Male> company. So it's <Speech_Male> always in our mind <Speech_Male> set on a <Speech_Male> hourly basis <Speech_Male> we get requests for <Speech_Male> which you know <Speech_Male> heated heated <Speech_Male> discussions <Speech_Male> with very compelling <Speech_Male> arguments such <Speech_Male> as <Speech_Male> somebody realizing that <Speech_Male> I like Van Halen <Speech_Male> pointing out to me that <Speech_Male> the. Van. HALEN brothers <Speech_Male> are Dutch. So therefore, <Speech_Male> okay <Speech_Male> Dutch should be the next language <Speech_Male> support. Okay. <Speech_Male> Great. We're going to be a little more <Speech_Male> principle than that <Speech_Male> Hutt. No, <Speech_Male> that's something that's <Speech_Male> something we're looking <Speech_Male> at it. As soon as we get the <Speech_Male> English experience <Speech_Male> kneeled down <Speech_Male> and arguably <SpeakerChange> then we <Speech_Male> can start rolling out. Jalen. <Speech_Male> Birth headed <Speech_Male> visit development. <Speech_Male> Thank you so <Speech_Male> much for explaining script. <Speech_Male> It's a wonderful <Speech_Male> product. I. <Speech_Male> Look Forward to <Speech_Male> future versions. <Speech_Male> Thanks a lot <Speech_Male> time. He's been <Speech_Male> a user salmon. <SpeakerChange> Great talking <Speech_Music_Male> to you. <Speech_Music_Female> Thank you Sam <Speech_Music_Female> show <Speech_Music_Female> was amazing. <Speech_Music_Female> Don't forget <Speech_Female> to visit <Speech_Music_Female> Tom Tool. <Speech_Music_Female> Technology <Speech_Music_Female> to discover <Speech_Music_Female> more great <Speech_Music_Female> shows. <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Female> See you next week. <Speech_Female> Same <SpeakerChange> time. <Music> Same

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