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Yeah it's really cool. It's about people that sort of have taken a a side side project and are now transforming into business and almost everyone there is his bootstrapped. Yeah I would I would definitely I would definitely recommend especially for accessorized. How many people were there? I go round they. They go the the venture capital rap. I think definitely for starting for your first one definitely to me makes more sense to do with bootstrap where you really will get a good sense of business and what you need to to care about. And then maybe after you've done one of those you can add. It gives you a better perspective when you're dealing with venture through capital or investors about how you should be prioritizing things you know you always look at the way you started. Things didn't something we'll different in that way round too. If you get to a point redoing around onto business. He cannot make mistakes the second time around so did uh did you guys have. Did you do this full-time from the get-go or did you guys have J. O.. B.'s season. Then you're doing this by night. How did an Kennedy curious? I'm always curious about both suit. Strap how you pay the bill. Yes so Dan. I both had a bit of money from like like our school. Was Kinda cool as a coop program. We had so basically one term school and internship one-term internship so just working at various tech companies. We made made a bit of cash but note we never. We never had like a fulltime job. So just like we're we're going for you which I don't know if that's the best way to do I would. It might want to look before you leap. I like people. I don't know why some people say to just like Oh you gotta go for. There's nothing wrong with your job. Yeah I know we didn't do that. We just like nope. We're going for it. Yeah my team ahead full-time jobs..

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