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Phone number right in front of me here because this is not actually have it out that i'll give it for you in just one moment market on man lincoln thirty five a one north lincoln avenue phone number seven seven three to four eight sixty two seventy two lincoln is there a petting zoo earlier in the day all death terror not right there is hard enough looking at the whole animal i finally could you know but that's us it notice is great event will be fun yeah exactly standby jim although as rich roper is here and richard has got some thoughts on how the the world of movies should be seen this weekend and lost city of there's none of a commercial on tv for la z yeah this is the another one of these set in the early twentieth century based on a true life story of the british explorer the deep into the is on and claimed to have seen artifacts that prove that there was actually a lost ancient civilization but it could bring anything back with them do circumstances that we'll explain and he kept going back he'd come back to england he raise funds that say i'm telling you there was this lost city that he calls the where he said they had agricultural advances in architecture and art work and even pottery like well before almost every other civilization which very controversial because the british didn't want to think that these savages as they would call them could have had this law civilization so it's all about his clash moby dick type thing and church charlie hunt he was the guy from who's jackson sons of anarchy that he plays the bridge where he's really good in this pizza terrific performance it is one of those moves have give it three.

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