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Like funny. Because i remember ninety percent of the script and i remembered also like quoting things with my friends like as jokes. That were jokes. Lines from shrek also. It looked horrible bad. It is terrible looking movie. I cannot imagine what it would look like watching. A theater now looked so bad. Yeah like in every respect it looked awful but like fun destructive beaters and also i'm in the theater like so it was just me my friend and then like a mother and her young daughter and i think like maybe the dad or something and it was really funny like the kid was like barely laughing. It just feels like we don't on track. We were dismissive about shrek in some episodes and a lot of our listeners. Closer to your age than ours. Got very defensive. My oldest fuck but like my sister was three when shrek came out. I saw shrek three times opening weekend. I was all about track. My sister watched all the fucking time she all. The shrek toys like shrek was like a very prevalent thing. I was a fan at the time. But i just in my mind star on the hollywood walk of fame. We'll look a star. I'm not going to argue against that first. Second he's a star cafe said he. He paid that he put he put it be. Put it up there. next time. Kerzner return his damn stark. Wrote.

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