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This is a little inside baseball baseball media media edition so the fact checking sites nobes is engaged in a dispute with the conservative satire sight the babylon be. I liked that clarification. Jesse is no longer a christians satires conservative satire sight. Oh interesting. I mean <hes> and that's partly why drifted this drifted. Far from the yeah started again as of to get i was putting as i was kind of putting finishing touches on this today. This story now picked up by the wall street journal the new york times and the washington post <hes> well. He's hot lists. Yeah i know sizzling version of the top of them. All the bambi started out as a christian culture alter satire sight and you know they'd have like you know make fun of hip worship leaders and stuff on yet and now it's just a whole bunch of conservative news and kinda like everything else in the christian world is just all about politics and a lot of it is really cringe-worthy. Why it's really bad yeah yeah you know that they did not like their moral. All in an ethical and social compass is skewed far one way. It's not true north so yeah yeah well adam ford who founded and then later sold the babylon be has actually been critical of snow and last month posted an extended thread on twitter criticizing them for fact checking stories like the one with the headline georgia lawmaker claims chick-fil-a employee told her to go back to her country later clarifies he actually said my pleasure and if he's in in a piece critical of this story slopes wrote the babylon be has managed to confuse readers with its brand of satire in the past. This particular story was especially puzzling for some readers however however as it closely mirrored the events of genuine new story with the big exception of the websites changing the location the bambi brand of satires derivative votive of side of like the onion and stuff like that <hes> which are it's like absurd news stories written a._p. Style meant to look like an actual newspaper well this this week's nope shared a piece headlined study too. Many people think satirical news israel which claimed that many of the stories that fold real people on the internet were satirical it says quote americans are worried about their ability to distinguish between what's true and what isn't and think made up news is significant problem facing the country <hes> they they surveyed eight hundred americans to see if they would believe claims made in satirical online stories from their study satirical.

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