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Good. We're going to need that. Especially Sidney crosby shirt. Dilbert will join us at eight forty five. Talk about that Joe Must Grove your starting A. Starting pitcher opening day, pitcher. It's opening night. I guess for the pirates in Saint Louis on Friday, cool video. They released on the pirates. Twitter Account. You see that where Moscow facetime with his dad to tell him hey. Skip just named me opening day. Starter is pretty good stuff. Man Must Grove is one of those guys who super easy to root for. The pirates always managed to have a bunch of guys that yeah absolutely love why you despise the ownership. The new manager seems to be one of those guys. And much like the old one was. It's been remarkable doing these zooms for a couple of weeks now and. Try Out there is just enthusiastic and likeable and fired up and This is gonna be different because of this and that. Sounds good now. We'll. Take a break. We'll come back I duNno. Power. Right well lost Yo Moscow by that nine twenty. Pittsburgh and being given the biggest, Connie as award of the day. neiman Marcus executives are requesting nearly ten million dollars in bonuses despite the company going through bankruptcy, company claims a pay raises or for staff who are critical to day-to-day operations including CEO Jeffrey Ron Ramdan. And I think that's how you. Random. Bows out of the screen. Cheap fell out of her zoom square. It's. Rape Donc. Guys.

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