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Today and my month long search for strange places from around the world. Both man made and natural traveled. Canada's northwest territories and deadman's valley located a hani national park reserve in the whole region northwest territories canada surround miles west of yellow night. And it was eleven thousand square miles in area. Part of the mackenzie mountains reside. Within and the south nonni river flows through the center. It was named a national park. Nine thousand nine hundred seventy six and a unesco world heritage site nineteen seventy eight. The park is surrounded by huge peaks and features geysers sing. Kohl's deep canyons caves. Gorgeous and beautiful untouched. Forest within these stunning vistas lies. Virginia falls three hundred fifteen feet high or twice the height of niagara falls. This by the by is the last known. Location of the wahiawa abair dog and one ten thousand years ago woolly mammoth. The area is a true wilderness and has been largely unexplored as it is accessible. Only by air new hani's from the language of the indigenous dna people that have inhabited the region for thousands of years in means the people over there in reference to a tribe of mountain tooling people the naja who were once known to raid lowlands settlements before mysteriously vanishing there is speculation that they may have been ancestors of the modern day navajo over the years. There have been many mysterious stories that have emerged from the area. The names of park areas such as deadman's valley headless headless range and the funeral ranch relate to these strange stories and legends

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