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Did nothing but eventually positive things her, yes, she had those two days, or shake went to that event and went to, sir, like she wasn't wearing her hair extensions, who's just like a sad day, but ever since then I feel like she's better than ever. She looks better than ever and she's everywhere she is everywhere. I just think like. Yara Shahidi is grown ish. Right. And your Shahidi is just like the pinnacle of sophistication for a young woman, like she's, so she's just so put together, and I just can't help but wonder like which he really wanted me pulled into this drama because now associating our Shahidi and Jordan woods. I don't know. I, I feel as though Jordan woods, it's becoming somewhat of an icon like and on one hand. I'm like, totally team khloe I feel when those episodes come feel. So I feel as though when those episodes, come out of keeping up like the world's it's going to be another dark day for Jordan woods. However, right now, I feel as though Jordan woods has defied her cancellation in a big fucking way in James Charles sort of way and as someone who's heavily invested in cancel culture. I'm very mature for it. Okay. That I hear you on. I appreciate anyone who turns it around. But I'm just like not like the world may have turned back for Jordan. But like I just don't I am a Kardashian stand through and through it's in my blood, so. So am I you know, the high, however, anyone who decides the cancellation? I have these are recited. I have the utmost respect for I agree. So I think like I think, as though she I think, as as well. She has big things on the horizon, and it's crazy. I don't know the problem here is, I think my gripe with Jordan was always she's famous for being. Assistant like she's famous for nothing for being someone's friend like being nice to Kylie and six grade before she knew. So it always bothered being she's famous for being friends with people who are famous for nothing. Right. So not only that, now she's famous for betraying people who are famous for being nothing. You know what I mean? So it's just like I'm always bothered as someone who like I feel like I just worked really hard. I get half the recognition that Jordan. What's jordan? Woods, kiss someone like now, she's famous on TV show with Dr. It onto Thuc. I'll do it. That's from borat, Boorda, great movie. Yeah. A matching. Oh, you decided actually didn't make plans to begin. I'm going to see bookworm book smart. Okay. I heard it was the greatest movie of all time. What everyone is saying it and also saying the beef Elting character like is me, and they're going to be like, really offended or like not, because if she's like bull von like it's funny when people compare you to like characters or just like personality types, you better get it, right. Because it can be like way offensive. It's so funny because when you apply to the morning toasters Facebook group, you have to answer questions. One of them is, are you a cloudy or Jackie explain why, and it's really? Harsh reality into what people think of us because, like for me, it's like if you're loud, obnoxious, annoying, you, sing, and people want to kill you. You're me you're messy and like you don't care about the way your hair. Let's if you're like uptight, Jackie, it's like they're just they're like, over-dramatise Asians of our personality type. Yeah. And so I'm really looking forward to seeing whether beef Elsie, there's like a based or she's a cute and funny, you know, scared me too. I don't wanna be offended also someone me very interesting talking yesterday. What the NFL scene is Joan hills sister. Yeah. I know that I didn't know I haven't seen the movie this is her first major role. I hear so I didn't know who she was. I just saw Joan hill sister me felt since I've always associated, the two, I can't believe that Justice furry friends Justice for fuck and Ruthie. My friends, someone made an interesting point that less. We not forget Kim was Paris's excess instant friend whose betrayal cat. Did her to mega stardom Jordan? Woods could be the next Kim Kardashian and we're all just sitting here. Oh my God. You're right. And that means Elizabeth the mom Jodi, the sister, we're getting a whole other show..

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