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You're deal moving forward now okay maybe he wants a one year prove at deal but days you have to understand on the one year prove it deal when you go into a system that's unfamiliar with you you might be asked to play a different position going from x play z because now you used to being on the ball you got to play off the ball they might ask you to do things that you haven't done earlier in your career so you putting yourself in a bind but there's you gotta stop this crusade against the media the media is not the reason why you're not there you are your hands your inability to gain separation consistent that's what will mcclay that's getting i don't know if it's true but that's what that's what the gm said he said what he noticed on tape is that dan could not get consistent separation twenty seven so but i don't think that guy in the median but he won't take it out on me folks skill 'cause he you he you because when you throwing up the us ride where now all of a sudden you throwing him out so too and i'm getting the blowback i'm just throwing up performance this is called kill the messenger dez don't blame us blame the guy in the mirror you this whole dez bryant saga is starting to remind me of a favorite movie of mine it's an old hollywood movie about classic old hollywood call sunset boulevard is probably way before your time in which aging fading has been star name norma desmond as deluded herself into believing she still a major star and she makes a grand entrance down her staircase into an empty living room at her house and says mr demille talking about sesame i'm ready for my close up and that reminds me from norma desmond to dez bryant he thinks he's still ready for his close up like he's ready to reemerge as a big number one star receiver for somebody like calming down here what what's the what's the delay what's the problem the problem is not.

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