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On them at NJ one a one five dot com it's all spelled out there Hey I'm running late let's get to New Jersey fast traffic so if you're on route seventy eight east bound through Hunterdon county again at the last update we had from the state police it was still closed eastbound exit seven where they were the touring traffic off to route one seventy three so again if you were further east than seven it was closed down by eleven with a very very serious incident again we had met a bank on scene they had to fly some people to the hospital so it looks like they're beginning to let that move again east of exit seven out to exit eleven but it's still a very heavy ride getting into that location that stretch of Hunterdon county now east families coming at a Warren County kicking just east of exit number three you've got a good three and a half to four mile stretch of very slow moving traffic before you even get out to exit number seven two at G. tore off route seventy eight so this is definitely a spot you want to avoid at least for the foreseeable future again we'll keep you posted with updates when seventy eight fully re opens elsewhere garden state parkway south bound right around the time server toll plaza we've got a vehicle fire blocking the right lane so that's gonna be slow in both directions apart from that one spot park was moving pretty well if you're coming home from the shore we've got new big issues coming up from the as pre tolls all the way up to the union tolls George Washington bridge we've actually gotten busier leaving New Jersey the upper deck now close to an hour lower deck right around the thirty minute mark at the Lincoln tunnel we're gonna get about five to ten minute wait around the helix flow through the construction on four ninety five just minor slowdowns the Holland tunnel not bad now with the on a bridge crossing for the gospels bridge this report sponsored by down dot org girl in Kenya dreams of becoming a doctor an elder in Guatemala dreams of being part of a community you can reach out change their world it'll change your own visit unbound out of work traffic every fifteen minutes next report nine eighteen I'm Jeff from a New Jersey one a one point five I got a phone thank you download our free New Jersey one one point five app on your smartphone and listen to us anytime anywhere access your Jersey new fast traffic and weather chat with our host exclusive apple only contest search for New Jersey one one point five in Europe store.

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