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But you know, it's supposed to be this like cheery class about how to write magazine journalism and then all of a sudden 9 11 happens. The whole class changes. And we start writing, I asked the students to start writing about 9 11. But I remember it just being so vivid for me and thinking about it very much through a writer's lensed at that time because even though I wasn't professionally writing about it, I was reading a lot of assignments where people were writing about it. And where were you when 9 11 happened? Were you in the city? I was in maplewood, New Jersey. That is from my dad, my dad is born in. Really? You know what's straight? I don't, but Fred professes my dad's best friend and he's the mayor of maplewood. So I don't know. Well, he went to Columbia high school. He's effectively the mayor of maplewood he owns the right. So Fred professes a great benefactor of maple, but it's about 11 miles from Manhattan. And that Tuesday was a primary day. And so a lot of the staff on metro was supposed to be coming in later in the afternoon to be there for the returns and for the reactions and all that kind of nonsense. And so my wife and I had gone for a run, we came back, a friend called couldn't believe that we didn't know. And as soon as I saw it happen, I just started packing. And I drove from maplewood into basic Jersey City and we hawk and all the roads were shut down. They put the concrete trucks and dump trucks, blocking all the highways in the Manhattan but I got off one of the secondary roads. Ran down a hill and weak hawk into the river, and the circle line had become a refuge for people fleeing Manhattan. A lot of people just wanted to get the hell off in Manhattan island and they were flocking to places like the circle line. They remember the circle line for those who don't know New York is just this look tourist boat that circles the Manhattan island. Yeah. Right, right. It's a tourist both that circles Manhattan goes up to bare mountain and what have you. And so now its mission has been transformed. They are basically ferrying people from the west side of midtown Manhattan to Jersey. And so the circle line comes into weehawken 600 people get off, and I go to whoever was in charge and I said, can I get a ride back? He said, sure, knock yourself out. And so the circle line, which is supposed to carry 600 net has about 6. And I remember one of the guys had a paper bag. He was bringing his lunch to his wife, and he clearly was suffering some kind of traumatic stress. You know, made no sense. He's bringing his bag lunch to his wife. And then the ferry stopped in the middle of the Hudson River waiting for a birth to open up and you just looked south and you could see the pie. You could see the smoke rising. And so we finally made it to Manhattan and then for the next several days, I was in the newsroom writing different stories went home for a day or so and then a few days later I swapped out with Chris chivers, Chris rivers was embedded with the National Guard and battery park and so he came out and I went in, so I spent a few days embedded with the National Guard, just south of sight. And I remember getting out of a tent..

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