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Right and so people will find other things as sources of meaning and most of those are are just simply likely not to be healthy and not contribute to the sustaining of the civilization that we live in so where if we're now at this this pretty pass you know where where did this begin i know you're i i don't see your you know your fan club picture of the trump behind you know you're not a big trump and but but he's but he's obviously not the start of anything i mean way downstream right all politics is downstream of i think these cultural trends i think that politicians can make these cultural trends worse sure but you know brock obama if you read his second inaugural his vision of what america is about which was a consistent theme throughout his presidency is that you have to political units yet the individual and you have the state in washington right nothing else right and a problem with that is that it is a really cheap form of sort of progressive libertarianism in the sense that you're free to do all the little things that you want to do as an individual but if you need help with anything else the only place you can look to as washington and the problem with that is that the place you get meaning life starts with the family i mean again on arend has a straight line she says every generation western civilization is invaded by barbarians we call them children.

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