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Some trapped inside boxes. Aisha Husnu, the mayor of Orange Beach, Alabama, is a man there was killed in the storm. Not clear yet. Man's wife reported missing a debate yesterday over the availability of the Corona virus vaccine began when the director of the Centers for Disease Control told a congressional hearing. He thinks widespread distribution may not come until the middle of next year. President Trump later telling reporters he's not sure that Dr Robert Redfield understood the question when he said it. I believe he was confused. I'm just telling you were ready to go as soon as the vaccine happens. Joe Biden began questioning the safety of the vaccine and now saying he believes that as president, he would have the power to order everyone in the country to wear a face mask. The United States preparing to declare to the United Nations this weekend. Little previous sanctions against Iran are back in force because Tehran has violated its 2015 nuclear agreement. Several member countries of the U. N. Security Council say having withdrawn from that agreement, the US lacks any authority over it potentially ominous signs for Wall Street. Now futures are down more than 350 points. Asian stock markets closing Thursday Lower America is listening to Fox News. From the Fox News Podcasts Network, subscribe and listen to the tray. Gowdy podcast. Joey didn't fail. He lost. There's a huge difference. Politico doesn't know the difference. But the rest of us do good people can lose. Joey Kennedy is no failure is what the Democrats should embrace. He's certainly what all of his colleagues respected. He deserved more balanced coverage from the DC media. He won't tell you that, but I won't describe in listen now by going a fox news podcasts. We're a nation founded on principles on freedom with leaders have changed the course of human civilization. When we take part in democracy, we control our destiny. We exercise our rights and hold our leaders accountable and we always speak our mind. We may be.

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