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I mean, you had scientists across the globe with one mission and that is to find some way of treating the coronavirus. We haven't had that type of unified efforts in the world of science for anything before that. So when you have so many really smart people coming together with one goal in mind, you're probably gonna find something that's workable sooner rather than later. And that's kind of how I look at the different options that people have as far as being treated for coronavirus and things like that. But the bottom line is for the NBA, they have a ticking time bomb here that they need to figure out how to diffuse because if they don't, it will blow up in their faces. They know this. They know this. And so do the players, I think. They understand that they've already been through this before. And so they kind of know what it's like to be in that lockdown mode, which I would hope that would make them a little bit more open and understanding to try and do everything they can to avoid having to go to another bubble to avoid having to have the kind of across the board limitations and sanctions that they would have if this thing continues to spread and continues to be an issue that forces games to be missed. But one game that will not be missed is the one coming up on Friday. Yes, that should be a good one. And so pumped for this. I'm glad that Steph Curry is going to break that three point record in New York before he gets to Boston. Because I would hate or will he? He wanted to. He needs one. He might get those before tip off. As good as he shoots, he just might get her officially on the books before they start playing the game. Who knows that? I said, maybe he wants to save it for Boston. She steps always been cool with Boston though. I mean, he doesn't really get the typical superstar booze that you normally hear. Stuff, he's a hard to dislike guy. To me, he's like, he's like, an upgrade, super duper duper duper upgraded version of kimber walker. From the standpoint of being liked by everyone, loved by everyone. But Steph,.

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