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We're back after this. There is on fire coming up here in March. There's no main event yet. Things go okay on on Saturday inge quickly Yes yes God willing become here safe and from this bound Saturday night mostly might be well attainable. And who would that be you. Think lawing them or not I couldn't care any weights anything. I'm in prime condition and ready to go. Welcome back to the Hawaii show right here on. ESPN RADIO ESPN APP. And SIRIUSXM channel. Eighty that was from from the UFC. Two Forty six press conference earlier today in Las Vegas. That was my colleague. Marker Monday asking CONOR McGregor just how quickly he can return to Action Shen if all goes well if he walks away relatively unscathed on Saturday night against Donald cerrone and he has lofty goals for twenty twenty says he he wants to fight at least three times. Maybe four told me on Friday that. Hey if all goes well if this goes like. I think it's going to go. Why oh I can't fight next next month now? It's going to happen next month. Because there's a pay per view already booked in Houston and it's it's filled up. They're not going to put them on that card. But I threw out a very what I thought was a very interesting theory on. ESPN DOT COM. This morning. You can see the article. It's up there now. What if conor McGregor defeats Donald Thrown in the relatively really quickly on Saturday night what if he knocks him out in like two minutes could he possibly turn around and fight on March seventh here in Las Vegas March seven? There's a pay per view T.. Mobile arena is a CO main event. John Wayne Lee. You WanNA NJ check throwaway title but this domain Donovan. They want Israel Adesanya to fight. You'll Romero they're having issues with the last style vendor contract issues. They can't agree on terms. Conor wins. Slide them right in their muscles here. He's training he's holding a press conference tomorrow. He wants that fight. Mazda O'Connor conor connor who's connor anyone connor nate Diaz Connor. Nate's luck getting surgery. He's good can they turn turn it around. Can they come to terms with connor. They need a main event. He says he wants to do it so I thought that answer was very interesting. The question was interesting. Good on mark for asking. Let's.

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