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Chelsea Gilmore says this that is all university is for teaching disappoint. I totally agree. I was looking. I was thinking about school and my daughter's, you know, with math and all of these different course, where can I was like, you know what school really is less about the information you receive, especially in this day and age where you have like calculators and spell check and all of these things. Of course, those are important tools to have, but I think school more than. Anything about discipline. If you have disciplined, new can manifest any vision that God has given you, but it requires discipline. And that's honestly back to meeting carbs, like a fulltime job sometimes buckle down because like I cannot afford to indulge in everything that I want to do when I know that there are things that I need to do. I don't get up and go to orange there because I have a great time running and being out of breath and just lend my knees while apart I go because there is a discipline attached to me doing something that I don't wanna do because the end result is what I do desire in so disciplines everything. I thought that was a word be question. Johnson says, books, videos are literally changing my life got exposed me to pastor. Stare at the perfect time. There is nothing like problem solving yourself through your healing with some with some what guidance, but not solely relying on a mentor. Thank you. Pastor db for challenge me. Come on somebody at pastor DP you. There are several several channels of resource. Okay, so here's the thing. This shine goes. His father helped me received his supplant in diligence. Let me tell you something so I not lost weight. Like recently I've lost about twenty pounds, but before this I had lost fifty pounds before I went from being like one ninety five to one forty and when I was losing weight when I was like one ninety, I'd never had any fitness goals in my life. I'm not an athlete like me in running have never happened before, but when I was losing weight for the first time I literally would be on the treadmill praying. NG like not joking, like praying that I will get through. Like I helped me to love my body guy Helme to take care of my body guy, give me discipline helped me to not give up and I, I would literally chug through the thirty minutes that I was on any lived through prayer and the more that I prayed for discipline, like a really ended up getting it. So like you gonna braver discipline. But like if you really start praying for like, literally, when you go to like guy, I want you to Utah. Being related with God, guy can really mess around and be your best friend. God. I really wanna eat this fly, but this is not good for me and I have a goal and I literally need your wisdom in your discipline in your strength to resist it because it we cannot resist something as small as something we want to eat or something as small as social media been. How do we have the discipline to run multimillion dollar organizations or the discipline of breaking generational cars or the. Disciplined to be in a loving, fulfilling fruitful marriage if we don't have the discipline guard tongue. So literally praying for discipline. It's been amazing for me. Johnson Kim's, it pastor db is you pastor Damon, bully this, Damon. Bully thing has become a thing. I have a snack for demon bullying that I wanna share with you guys. That's all I'm gonna share with you, but come on pastor DB. There's a new word attached to my name. Okay. So that was my first question. I have second question. Hi MRs. Sarah, may God continue to bless you, honor you, improper. You. I wanted to ask you something. How did you know what you're calling was? Was it related to your job, and how did you know you were walking in purpose? So my calling have anything to do with any of my calling to do with one of my jobs, but all of my jobs up until that point had been random project manager for my dad's entertainment company. I was an office manager for the United States Air Force before. Then I was like a receptionist for a weapons defense company like..

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