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Listening, to AM, Tampa, Bay And good morning it is the penultimate day of the work week and it's. Nine minutes after five and Poland is stuff to talk about today, I, don't think we've ever come in, here any morning and said well not much to. Talk about today especially since two thousand sixteen now, that's, very, true twenty sixteen made. A big big difference for sure By the way the razor on a tear the looked. Up on the royals again last night good thing together weekend series of the Red Sox coming up you're going to your predictions. Going to be off your Jack I think they're going to be, above, five hundred I think they are, too and that was the only one that had. Him at least five hundred eighty one eighty one There sixty six and sixty one now which as. Them five above and thirty five games to go. So that's pretty good but. They got the Red Sox in this weekend and then I think they hit the road again Forgotten where they go. But they've already got the twenty nineteen schedule out they released it yesterday they go. To, Atlanta after the Red Sox come to town oh that's right they take on the Braves up there in the. New stadium up there. It's ten minutes after five on AM Tampa Bay. And let us surveilled a traffic now daisy ash Then Shane traffic center powered by. Climate design construction blocks ramp from northbound I seventy five to seventy five in manatee county have a big hole with only the left lane getting by westbound. On Gulf to bay west. Of McMullen booth and, flooding in, the right lane on, Dr king street at sixty second avenue north this..

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