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Puig was involved in a very key play. The thirteenth inning. He wanted to bunt took a strike walked up to it. Had the bat ready department didn't really make a sincere offer to now. So in one to tweak looney has not taken the bait. Moves all the way back again. Not going to worry about it. One pitch to the right fielder. Swing and a miss and it's own to hit the ground ball up the middle to Kinzler Kim's out of his glove. Cleats gave way in Turkey. Then he hurried the throw in through it. Wildly max munsey scored on the play to tie. The game. Red Sox had a two one lead just before exit. Batman thirteen. Kinzler after the game said I had the final out in my glove. And I couldn't get it. There. It's tough to swallow for sure one swung on ahead of the air to center field. This one's an easy. One. For Mookie Betts says he'll make the catch for the second out. To gone here. Just a moment before the game today. The dodgers held a moment of silence in remembrance. For those who were killed and all those affected today in the tragic shooting at the tree of life synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Just another unnecessary. Absolute tragic event. Thoughts really going out to folks there? I was thinking about them today. Leftfielder.

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