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The Sunday Morning Philadelphia Inquirer. The thick Sunday paper which was spread out all on I got a running back over five years than Earth right back right back. Whatever way the weather right back into the whole thing. And nobody ever knew. No, no, You got away with it Like such a schmuck. Well, I just had this about a knowledge of the Sunday papers. Everything else. What happened up, But I didn't know that they actually hooked the plumbing up to the cough. So well, you know, you know, now, you know, right? We'll do that here. I almost one time quickly when at my other job, too. I used to do the same thing when I would work like six to midnight where I'd, you know, just mainline coffee the entire time to have like a two hour drive home. So I would put like, you know Styrofoam cup several times into the microwave with coffee in it. And there was one time where I had to. You know, I had to leave it in there for a second after pulling it out because it started to singe a hole through the bottom of the Styrofoam cup in the microwave, and it really just makes you think it's like we use microwave so often, and that's what's happening when it's in there, And then we're putting that right in our bodies. Oh, my Michael. By the time I'm done, my coffee is like radioactive waste. You pour the cup and then like you got to start doing something it's called. I got a new kid against Are you? Alice called? The guy knew could again by time I'm done. There's like things moving in this cup doesn't matter. Let's go. I want to one and a two a 31 on 1.5 Give me your your workplace food happened. What is it? Workplace food hasn't What do we say? Workplace food disaster disaster. Workplace food disaster is fast traffic. Katie was found with a crash planes and 56 in West Paterson and then flooding bags of 60 in Paterson, but it's worse on route 46. You're shut down because of a crash in Parsippany, where the down, police found 46. Between Edwards wrote a new road in all traffic diverted to route 80. And then you found 46 over by Route three. Split and Clifton, You've got flooding. Westbound. Three, closed in that area with flooding right between Grove Street on Route 46 Clifton. Now 22 West is shut down with flooding by West End Avenue in Green Brook and again by Old Wick Road and Reddington Parkway North. It's a crash by 1 32 to 27 North. A flooding. A situation closes the rampant exit 26 burners and then you'll wreck up by exit 44 in Boonton blocks up to three lanes. 27 South exit, 30 and Harding. The right lane closed with flooding and a car in a ditch there and 27 South. Exit eight. It's flooding in the left lane. Across your crossings were okay. Burlington Bristol Bridge may have some delays because of an opening that report sponsored by Compassion International, get a special year and give to a child in extreme poverty. This Christmas with compassion. International text the word gift to 83393. That's gift to 83393 traffic. Every 15 minutes. Nick's reporting 33 on New Jersey one a 1.5. This holiday season. New Jersey one A 1.5 is collecting teddy bears for the New Jersey P B. A. You can help NJ police.

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