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A.m. Sunday kicking noon here on wbm. Northwestern's 5 and the men's basketball team takes out liberty 66 52 down one and a half time. The cats take the lead for good with 14 minutes to go. 20 points from Chase aude lead the way, the 5 cats face 13th ranked auburn first time they'll match up in program history, another 5 and O team in cancun late tonight. The bulls are looking to snap a three game road losing streak. At Milwaukee tonight and it's the first of 6 straight road games there are slight underdog against the bucks 7 and a half points. The Blackhawks go to Dallas underdogs against the stars because they're winless and four straight and ten out of 12 hawks. College football playoff rankings, same top four, Georgia, Ohio State, Michigan, TCU, and a lot of state in Michigan do clash in Columbus Saturday. The number 5 team is LSU, number 6, USC. No score at halftime in the men's World Cup match between Morocco and Croatia. Josh, news radio, one of 5. 9 wbm. 5, 18 traffic and weather together on the 8s. Here's Bo during biggest hassle at the moment is getting into northwest Indiana it's the eastbound side of 80 94 where we are jam packed solid from the bishop Ford to calumet. This is where we have a crash, the right lane is blocked, and it's right where we have work that's going on. It's overnight work, the two left lanes are blocked that overnight work should be cleared a little bit later this morning, but for now, we're seeing this really jammed up traffic on the eastbound side of 80 94 trying to get into Indiana once you pass calumet, looking pretty good from there through Hammond and into Gary, the westbound side of the borman, no problems. I 65 in the Indiana toll road both looking good on the Illinois side of the state line are biggest problem is the inbound side of the Dan Ryan. We still have some pretty big delays here on the inbound side of the Ryan, you're jammed up from Pershing. All the way up to the Stevenson we have overnight roadwork that has been picked up. It's been cleared out of multiple lanes that have been blocked, but now a lingering delay and it's mostly in the express lanes. The express lanes are jammed upon the events out of the Dan Ryan, the local lanes, flow, but better than the express, so if you stick to the local lanes on the inbound side of the Dan Ryan, you're looking at about a 19 minute pace from 95th in a downtown, the express ends are probably cost about 5 extra minutes. So get to the locals on the inbound side of the Dan Ryan Reynolds looks like some lingering backup or some roadwork being picked up here out of those express lanes on the inbound side of the damn Ryan outbound Dan Ryan, no problems. No delays on the edens, the Kennedy looking good as well and also some good news on the inbound Kennedy overnight crews opened up one more lane going under the chamber and interchange. We're getting really close to the chambered interchange project being complete, and now the lanes are fully open on the inbound Kennedy getting into the burn interchange. That's a little bit of good Thanksgiving news for you. Eisenhower, no problems, Stevenson delay free and well county northbound 55 before around 53 early roadwork has been picked up. That delay is gone. 57, the bishop report in dusa lakes for drive, all problem free, tri state, totally northbound, tap in the brakes on to the mile long bridge after earlier roadwork there is clear. Rest of the tollways are fine. No raw 53 delays, no I 80 problems from the metro traffics on our next reports at 5 28 news radio 105.9 WDM. We have a beautiful day in store sunshine nice and warm to be up around 60° in some areas. Right now we have 35 here, also 35 at midway, Orland Park at 32 mchenry 26, downtown along

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