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I understand that I'M GONNA be walking and when you hear Oh ooh okay so you just walk how you because you can't fly sorry but these things do they bite. You will do more than just staying you. Okay okay so I'm assuming you're on your rollerblades Sh- and then you just pull up to their well like rollerblades. That'd be dope. You gotTa have a kate. I'm one wheel. Are you gonNA have a cloak CLO- difference. Ira All right don't disrespect me a cloth so you can have how it amazed. Are you gonNA cover your face up now with the beard was he was he a superhero name. Those a beard man the bearded one. Oh my God the bearded wonder we'll add extra. He's won the bearded one. He said Oh he's just being funny can kills over there. Let us know yeah. There's no chat a cow's. Let's not anything interesting is coming through sleep no longer needed. Would you want your free time. Yeah I know it is so bang La- slide into our relationship topic Terrell says he's GonNa work out get schoolwork done studies stocks all that good stuff and she's this oh ooh stocks right money boy making for he saved me but he he saving streets while everyone's sleep and he getting ready for that Myrna Eh that morning rush when everyone's out here trading stocks. He's just figuring out what's no can see your hands. He's he was doing this. WHO's doing that figuring out what people are going to buy and sell okay and he's one up them well? I think there's to listen. He's one up that's it in the words of Greta Thunberg. There's way too much focus on Shane say like this but his way too much focused focus and attention on stocks wealth Gotcha so I think Terrell started off fine but if I want to be realized he'd give up the money he just one this week and if I crime no he donated to the green light podcast cash APP is at the green light this is this you know don't send that there that doesn't exist yet yet yeah so bang. Let's guitar relationship topic so we're not having Jr next talking about relationships. Why is that weird because I guess I have someone who can actually talk about relationships okay who can talk about Ooh what a relationship is like or well? We have a different a different. What are you to me? What am I saying? Shooting over. Here says she wanted to talk to mass. You might man's she wanted to know. What's your status? Maybe I'm maybe I'm taking you got me revenue in front of these people yeah baby. I'm taking would become a eunuch lobbing. You just don't want to deal with it but you got someone at home. You just want to be faithful like gotta be like God. I'm taking I'm taking taking taking taking I'm taking I'm taking like play girls on taking I'm Tak- Jacob I'll take intake intake. I'm taking I'm taking light these criminals in this Bacon Sam my girl she a home she at home she at home shall alone when I come home. I'm a bone give some. She loved me. She loved me accompany now. Who this whole from from me? I only want you only because I'm taking taking taking taking. I'm taking and all those words you how low man Kevin Bacon Awesome taking I'm taking I'm taking I'm taking again. Cosmic girl got Jason Hoops Crystal Lake. Jason Water Sucks our guest anybody say first of all God. Damn yeah no Goddamn nine. MJ and Moby may bring him he come on. I'm staying spags. I need you I need you to inner. Dishes is first of all. You're supposed to guess no. You're a rapper for seven yeah but that's what I'm saying you as an artist have a lot of hidden gems. Look people haven't heard that you say yeah but not and then just and I mean you want me to dig into the Great Young Woman to dig into the crates y'all don't do that. You'll want me to dig into the crates. Put All your shit out there. All your shit out then saying leak my shit fuck. It don't summited that show it's too late now. I see later so bad relationship Topic Ladies Gentlemen Women Boys Girls Men Transa- aw at what point do the game stop when it comes to cell phones and cell phone privacy in a relationship as the single man taking man I I so cal's bonds will chancellor I Can you talk about Kinky Ginko. Can you tell us what you mean by game though defunct shit the SH I got a high my password go through it. When I'm around her she got two phones? She don't ever open up her snapchat. When I'm around those types of games the fuck games that people play in relationships that don't need to be played because we're all grown ass adults? Those games like angry. Birds is an answer though I'm talking about the the things that made me say angry words okay the answer though I'm drawn up a dungeon with a Detroit plus attack like fighting around with some angry nerds. Oh Oh I come to the point I mean I just feel I feel like everyone deserves privacy so I mean explain so Maliki Leaks S. three years in three years in yeah. That's what he says so. I'm just GonNa say that he's insane in three years. She's still I mean two years if she still could career if she's still she's still here talking about some boy. Let me see your phone is trust issues there. You see I'm saying that the other way around or you are you three years eh she already don't have access to your phone. Okay okay so I asked him. At what point did you does. Marina have access to your phone. Branded knows my password but she just doesn't go in my phone okay. At what point did marina learn your password. I'm not sure I feel like she just I said Hey. This is my password. Whenever you need my phone just password? It's not it's cool. It's I don't WanNa know like six accepted six five. Oh Shit yeah but it's like I never I never said Hey. This is my password just going phone whenever you want Gajah but she knows does it so if she ever wants to go my phone she could go on my phone but she just doesn't feel like she needs to go on my phone yeah because she trust me you I would assume and I trust. I want to go in her phone. Do you know her passer. I know her passer. Don't say okay but say is it. A number is the six numbers or is it for. It's only four okay I know a number I know I noticed okay so you don't play no games. Have you had it relationships in in the past where you guys have played games with phones or have you been in situations where you were dislike. It's not that I don't trust you. I just don't think you need to notice information shen like because isn't there. Isn't there an interesting caveat to that at one point. It's like kids right. You're not hiding alcohol in condoms and Lube from kids in terms of not saying they don't exist united. They're not in a house. You're just hoping that you could prevent them from coming across. It seems I I understand what you're saying they even if they do come across it. It's not like it's the worst thing but it could be the worst thing if you're a little fucking five zero takes off the Henny and go the right yeah or if they do go with that. I don't know what that is. I'm leaving it alone right. So couldn't there be situations where player a lot of the false pretenses that come with phone security are generally there because one party wants to be nosy and the other party wants to kind of have their privacy so let us know why three years but he did. He says in three years the me pussy. Dan wouldn't know she was there. She was there still when we were last Tuesday's. She thought she was coming back the next day. No she was still there. She left at Pussy alert has she left after but you got a pussy alert but yeah he says three years in you're gonNA know if it serious or not and you still have options open just in case go whoa hold on hold Aho in three years so two and a half years is in is not enough. My my leak had other options in his phone. I guess I mean that's what he's saying. He says she left yesterday. Oh Oh shit but yes. That's what it seems like you know. Wouldn't you know sooner if it's three years three months like Shit Shit Damn. That's he nasty. Black men don't cheat that must be the Puerto Rican side. I'm tired of that show. Hold on stop at yeah. I'm tired of seeing the new bullshit the biggest last wrong. which are Josh be supporting that because we all black don't matter but I'm saying they don't say that no because because because we now black when you say Hispanic no I didn't say Hispanics I said Puerto Ricans? There's a the difference lawyer okay. So how about you Are you relationship yeah well. I'm talking to somebody right now. we haven't gotten to that conversation yeah. Let's let's call your up. What's her name? Maliki says you can't learn everything about someone in three months I but it definitely don't take you three it. Don't take phone access to know if someone's worth not fucking someone else like that's not like I don't. I don't I'm just I guess in my my mind. I can't see the connection between the length of time in deciding if you bought the backout three years I I felt you'd have backed out deaf a year and a half prior to that agreed. You know you at three years like into twenty one thousand nine three years you gotta remember Miley my leak today in I tell I tried to like a lot of a lot of Omar the fuck it's like Jose. Jose probably wouldn't have got to where they got an relationship. It wasn't today you know why because back then you can cut the fucking phone off back then you could fucking. She paged me I'm see it right. You can't do that today. The amount of time that you spend with people is like extrapolated by mill and think about it how many how long long did it take you. What is the first time I had a girlfriend in high school okay? was that six six years ago Tammy who baby was the first time you had a girlfriend cal the first time I had a girlfriend highschool six years ago the no I was I vin goodwin those like middle school okay. How long do you think it took your first girlfriend in your girlfriend for you? Guys both to reach like a thousand hours of communication probably never a thousand hours of like Tan Yeah probably never before you broke up right because their high school relationship right think about it today with this shit you can reach a thousand hours within within a year so let's not act like you know we could still operate under the confines of well listen. You better wait to you know him for five five years to to be to propose to them because it'd be it'd be. It'd be perfect if you didn't see motherfuckers every day if you're not talking to him every moment you're facetime Ingham if you're not facetime Ingham you're you're calling him an uber.

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