Emily Dickinson discussed on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis


Remember emily dickinson's poems tell all the truths but tell it slant right exactly the decades i put into this with all the research people i worked with and i'm gonna talk about this whole team that i've got or shing on this new book we're about to bring out at an incredible video we're going to talk about a video by the way clyde which is being specially prepared at the request of a guy is sixteen hundred pennsylvania avenue to show him what his nasa has not told us remember donald trump now owns nasa it's his space agency one phone call from president or one tweet and we know that he does know how to tweet right right he can get breitenstein who's his hand picked man congressman from the midwest just just was voted in by the senate confirmed as the new nasa administrator breitenstein is trump's guy all he has to do is pick up the phone and say to him in five i want to see everything you've got life on mars and the structures on the moon and i don't want you to bring nothing you gotta bring the real loser don't bother coming and that's it the game is over totally totally totally over so what you're seeing in the form of these news stories that are now beginning to percolate in washington is called a c y a operation cover your use your imagination yeah and they're getting ready for the inevitable disclosure because look at look at how today's story was phrased nasa may have discovered and then destroyed organics on mars in one thousand nine hundred seventy six the party line is going to be that because the science was imperfect and the technology was primitive yes they found what they were looking for the holy grail and ops the technology they used to find it actually destroyed it and clyde it's totally supportable we're not lying i would say yes because i was i did a whole perplexing commentary on gilbert levin and i said what what was it that he did with the vikings in in when he made discoveries in we had that that announcement and then they turned around and they just turned on him and they said no you have nothing and you were talking about how this would this would definitely prove that there are gannex on on on mars and then they just immediately ignored the the data on biking and i remember it vividly because i was there for cbs covering at the time and i remember the night we landed actually the predawn july fourth nineteen seventysix the anniversary of the birth of the country and i'm sitting between a gene roddenberry on one side and eric burgess on the other eric burgess is the other guy the work with me to get sake into put the plaque on pioneer in that same timeframe so i'm sitting next to gene roddenberry mr roddenberry mr star trek i've known him for an age and he was one of the vip's invited you know we were very scotia party that was trashed and there was that was all there was that night to celebrate the the landing first landing we thought on march right so agonizing slowness this first picture wipes on the screens because jpl has all these tv screens all over the lab back then they would show all the stuff live and this picture black and white picture wipes on the screen line by line by line and it shows the foot tad a viking one sitting on the surface of mars on the desert floor with a bunch of little rocks around the bed and some soil in the foot pad and nasa done this because it's the thing sank into deep dust the engineers wanted at least one photograph of the foot pads show where they gone wrong so when they tried to do it again they could make corrections so instead of having this incredible vista mars you had this close up of the foot bed very sexy very romantic right right so this picture whites on it's it's takes like half an hour for dwight bummed because the bandwidth and the primitive tv systems back in seventy six and i remember remember vividly in the auditory and kill over fifteen hundred newspeople wire services television cameras networks flashbulbs i mean everybody who was anybody was there right we're landing on mars the beginning of the search for life on mars that was on nasa build this the beginning of the search for life on mars and as the picture finished roddenberry jumps up member in the front row go to tori he jumps up turns around and yells cut friend.

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