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I think the difference with big trouble never quite a quite got the problem with with a big triple thing in the difference with the different that it seemed to be trying to to sort of on a some of these traditions city as Wasi seem to try to understand the fellowship understand the cultural side Ave ten site. The end of the hero is the Chinese going in the heat. He's the hero. He's going sites the dime. Whereas something ghost in the shell you fill. Mike is really shooting themselves in the fall, you know, because that might be something that doesn't culturally face that try to square peg in Ryan hall. I'm the results is something flatly stuff. The something that doesn't doesn't really work because he doesn't of the culture that it was knighted onto the source material. So I think there's a big difference. I think something triple I think the criticisms might be big to fair. Fair. I think to the style in one respect to conceal the main. But I didn't know that I'm trying to do the right thing where the criticisms after the film was made because I remember at the time when when the movie was being made there were protests from the Chinese American community. But I felt like that had a lot to do with another movie, which is this Michael Camino film called your of the trag in which I haven't seen in a long time. So it's really unfair for me to comment on. But I I suspect could be considered racist. Whereas again, I'm not someone to comment on this being white male. But but I never thought big trouble was racist in any way, quite the opposite. To me. It was like an entry point into the culture and made great efforts in very gracefully humanized, the Chinese community for mainstream American audience, whereas I think. Here. The dragon perhaps the opposite. And that's what people were at the time were really offended by. But I wonder was there a backlash against big trouble. After people saw the movie, I think it was all beforehand, and that they got it. I ran out before the movie came out not that that ended up helping things because, you know, carpenter talks in the commentary again about how little money there was behind the putting this out, and the thing that really surprised me was sandy talking about how basically the guy in charge of the studio was like, we don't wanna see any expletive deleted faces on this poster, you know, like there was an open hostility towards Asian actors from the head of the studio who was in charge when this movie came out, and it's just like. Wow. Okay. So they're going to you know, you can't necessarily market this movie any other way, then putting Kurt Russell on the poster and having him be. The big star. And then subverting your expectations. Once you get into the theater, but you know, so it was a little bit of a weird bayton switch type of campaign, but you really you have to sell it that way, you know, you have to say Kurt Russell as the hero. And then once you get in there, then you realize no he's not the hero that he is a second banana, even though he's the guy who ends up killing low pan. But you know, he is undone so many times that that famously that we talked about earlier of him shooting the plaster in that coming down on his head. There's another scene where weighing is just kicking ass of all these different guys. And Jack is they're trying to get his knife out. And he's just the whole time. He's trying to get his knife out of his boot. And it's just like, okay, you are completely ineffectual. And I can't even see like a second banana necessarily doing that. Like, I can see Sala getting scared of the ass in that kind of stuff, but solid. The end of the day is a really effective person in the first raiders not like the third raiders where he was a nincompoop. P-? But luckily, they had all that stuff worked out. But yeah, I think it was totally year of the dragon. Then it's weird because I don't remember that many protests around black rain, I don't remember that many protests around rising sun and rising sun to me is one of the most racist movies that came out that was really hard to watch..

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