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Too bad our trucks are in a museum. Following Williams back to back titles, Formula One decided that their car was too good and too advanced. Electronic driver aids like traction control, ABS, and active suspension. We're all outlawed for the 94 season. And the balance of the Williams FW 16 suffered as a result. The beginning of the season saw the team and drivers struggled to match the Rory Byrne design Schumacher driven benetton B one 9 four. At which we also talked about in the Schumacher episode, so check that out. That's a cool car. To make matters shockingly worse, disaster struck when Ayrton Senna, who had signed with Williams only months before, died in a crash at the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix. Like many who were involved, Nui describes son of death as the low point of his career. Even faced manslaughter charges that were later dropped. Dramatically, as they grieved sent his death, a late season rally and the suspension of Michael Schumacher enabled Williams to claim their third straight constructors championship. But despite the win, cracks begin to show in new his relationship with old trick head. The next season, it was clear that newey wanted to become technical director at Williams, but head wouldn't budge. Losses that year to benington further dampen things. And by the time Damon hill and Jacques Villeneuve secured both titles in 1996, knew he had been placed on gardening leave, the corporate term for you don't work here anymore. You're in your garden. Oh my God. Oh. What the hell scared out of me? An 86 a new one, GT86, just drove by in the same color as low car. With a black hood. Wow. All right, that was justified. I thought you fell out the window. If I got a new 400 Z or the new Z I would have it wrapped in that Turquoise. What a commitment to marketing. It's not pepto bismol, but it gives me pepto bismol vibes. It's like mint pepto bismol. Yeah. It's like pepto bismol p.m.. This one doesn't give you nightmares. Years later, Williams boss, sir Frank admitted that he regretted letting new week get away, saying quote, he wanted some shares and I didn't want to give to him at the time, which was in hindsight. A mistake. Adrienne is quite a remarkable individual. He looks like the mayor from Nightmare Before Christmas. Yeah. And he's always eaten hot dogs. I was going to say it looks like in my mind just like a hot dog with a purple royal robe and a crown. Oh yeah. Do you guys know what Frank Williams looks like? Yeah. I know, Frank Williams looks like I really like Frank Williams, though Williams documentary is really amazing. Remarkable as he is, Nui was unable to influence the design of the 1997 car at his next job. McLaren racing. And so after an unremarkable season, he concentrated his efforts on the 1998 car. The MP4 slash 13. The results were a success to say the least. With a narrow chassis new front suspension, a faster and lighter Mercedes engine and nearly flawless aerodynamic design, the MP4 slash 13 set a new bar in the late 90s. And with Mika hiking in behind the wheel, McLaren won the double crown in the 1998 season winning 9 out of 16 races claiming 12 poles and 9 fastest laps. Hacking in one of the drivers championship again the next year and narrowly missed out on a three peat 2000 thanks to Michael Schumacher, whose wind was the first of his legendary title run with Ferrari. It's worth noting that from 1992 through 2004, the driver's championship was entirely dominated by Rory Byrne and Adrian newey designed cars. Burn engineered Michael Schumacher to 7 titles while Nui engineered Mansell Prost, hill, velin, and hacking in to 6. Now, as you might imagine, knew he was approached by rival teams more than once. One such example came in 2001 when his old pal from its march days, Bobby Rahal, who is now managing Jaguar almost poached Adrian from McLaren. Rahal even got Nui to sign a contract, but Ron Dennis persuaded him to stay with the team. Despite staying put, the McLaren team failed to win a single driver's or constructor's championship over the next three years. Michael Schumacher and Ferraris, incredible dominance throughout the mid 2000s, along with increased headbutting with McLaren top brass began to frustrate new. Throughout 2005, stories circulated that new east departure was imminent and in November, Red Bull Racing announced that Nui would join the team for the next season. This was Nui's fourth decade in the sport. And he was still only 22 years old. Wow. This was fourth decade in the sport, but far from being irrelevant, he was a hot commodity for his experience in creative brilliance. Did you guys know that Red Bull Racing is going to start making a drink? I had to stop drinking this stuff. It tastes like battery acid. When you don't drink it for a while? I like it. I like it too, but man, you almost frozen Red Bull. If you get it just right, it's good, but then you can't stop drinking them. Yeah, they're quite addictive. I don't know if anyone listening to this noses, but Red Bulls are addictive. By joining Red Bull. I say like that. Red Bull, he's going to grab both Red Bull red bow or look at this little Red Bull. Isn't Red Bull like Thai? Yes. And it was originally a goo that they would feed their workers to stay up 24 hours a day at a factory. That's true. That's tight. You got to get some of that goo.

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