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Did she had some that part of the twostorey mama you recognize he sungrok your body which was the song that he showed janet jackson's breast to that's the thing a lot of people were up in arms how come he gets to be in the super bowl and she doesn't he's the one who shot an account that's that's a dumb controversy you can't say tom actually a my wife gets mad when people say the atom but what's dumbed the talking gas not immediate area uh it the thing is people forget that like janet jackson when janice jackson in justin timberlake performed at that you know she was he was than risingstar in she was the sort of legacy act it's not like janet jackson's had a ton of hits even then to now do not i mean she wasn't real and making on are you serious i mean the did has like a number of since then this a large number of very popular songs ain't lotta people getting mad at me in the race i guess out sure but so at can't stop that feeling or the minions song a suit and tie but what i'm saying is that it's not as if janet jackson's career was on the rise when that super bowl thing at and she was a legend in a she's a hall of fame recording artist but at naji was on the downslope of her career lol to your downslope of janet it is true really yes no one's let what's last janet jackson song that you can remember that came out a dozen fucking matter she's janet jackson right i'm saying but she was a legacy act but it's not as if it's not as if she was on in the top ten of life okay but i'm saying on the charts she wasn't a chart force i don't know why that matters when she's like aerosmith and run dmc because i'm saying people people are saying that that that that super bowl thing ruined her career no it ruined it ruined that she can it was it ruin.

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