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There part of a NATO operation not a sole U.S. operation And I made it clear to president Putin that we would be able to sacred obligation article 5 obligation to our NATO allies The Defense Department won't rule out the possibility of even more troops being put on high alert Skyler Henry CBS News Capitol Hill 5 42 a huge change for high school seniors nationwide when it comes to a college entrance exam Students taking the SAT will no longer hear the words time to put your pencils down Once the SAT goes digital in the U.S. in 2024 Priscilla Rodriguez is with the college board which administers the test We are going to be able to give students unique versions of the test But you and I would have two different versions of the question right Even if we're sitting in the same classroom taking it at the same time The change will also allow students to get their SAT results quicker as they fret their decision on where to attend a college Jim chrysalis ABS news I'm not even sure I remember what a pencil is He cracked up a lot of people anchoring weekend update on Saturday Night Live now entertainment editor Jason fraley tells us Colin Quinn performs stand up at D.C.'s miracle theater February 4th New York right now I'm just passing Madison Square Garden And I think Madison Square Garden passes you Colin Quinn Born in Brooklyn in 1959 Colin Quinn joined SNL in 1996 and took over weekend update after the firing of Norm Macdonald Changed the game But Chevy Chase was great at He next hosted tough crowd on Comedy Central It was very shocking at the time to people but it was also very honest To this day he regrets turning down the role of Scott evil in Austin Powers Mike Myers calls me up I want you to do this movie I'm doing I go hey man it's great I'm busy you know Such an idiot It's unbelievable Here are full chat in my podcast.

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