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An setbacks and laugh about them at panara over coffee in sydney with friends years later um and uh i thought life um yeah so i i thought there i wanted to talk about that it is it is a different for us would you agree with you now that is different processes black women a woman of color um when it comes to this this particular phenomenon or um or are we all out here do sane things and why are why not oh no i agree with her one hundred percent um i was i was watching it episode snapped uh so don't let me some snap in this white lady uh allegedly killed killed this dude i don't know she was dilma him or whatever she got like a whole group involved in like they beat him any killed right so she was you know they first she was arrested in a you know they realized that the dna didn't match blood that was on her clothes are a boom when her then they came back realized oldest sitting at a bite work on his hand okay so into the match in her her her dna so yes she ended up getting arrested again she set in prison for eleven years she did all this reading or whatever in their figured out how to get herself out issues out now rate but i was looking at the episode end i was looking at the episode and i was like this way woman is out of prison.

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