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Okay. There you have it. Thank you so much to Ron Meyer offer, the the Denver avalanche, owner operator and a great series of of of memories and very interesting almost step by step sort of journey about. What went right, and what went wrong in that in that pursuit? And there are two books that I want to refer to you that Ron has published that if you wanna go deeper in all of this and some really great stuff in in both of them. The current one is called memoirs of a soccer vagabond is published by sports club management. You will find that wherever books are sold. You'll find it on our website at good seats still available dot com to search episode ninety five and you'll see a link to that book. And we're more deeply you'll get into the specific granollers of the story of the Denver avalanche in rods other book that he published in. She's one was a two thousand nine from dog. Ear publishing called no money down. How to buy a sports franchise a journey through an American dream and that literally gets into. I mean, you're talking about, you know, specifics around the Denver avalanche snow cats as you heard who absconded shall we say from the the Denver Broncos and quickly became the official cheerleading team of the avalanche. See a pocket schedules. And you'll see some articles in there. You'll see, you know, over the the plans for for radio and television advertising and just it's really fascinating sorted kinda get a little bit of an insider's view, certainly circa nineteen seventy nine seventy nineteen eighty about. What was going through the mind of the guy behind launching a franchise and fledgling league at that being the MIS L? So if you're really interested in the Denver avalanche story in all its particulars. I can't recommend this book highly enough more highly. Than no money down. How to buy a sports franchises journey through an American dream again. That too is available wherever books are sold. And of course, if you wanna convenient link, and maybe give us a little love in the process. Make sure again, you go to good seats still available dot com. That's our website. That's you're gonna find all of our episodes from from the last almost two years now, and you'll also in this episode ninety five you will find a link conveniently to that book and many others, and you will give us a couple of shackles when you do so. And that's a great way to help keep the show going and pursuing stories and conversations that hopefully are interesting to you. Let's see also a good seat Silva dot com, you'll find all of our social links. You'll find us at Twitter at good seats still you'll find us at Instagram or on Instagram, shall we say at good seats still available. We have a Facebook page devoted to the show. You can converse with us there. You can send us Email directly. If you can't find the link on our website. But it's it's simple. It's. Hello at good seats still available dot com and a lot more stuff coming on that website. So you can sign up for a newsletter. So you don't forget any of the episodes coming up all that good stuff. And before we run we do want to say, of course, again, happy twenty nineteen and thanks, of course, as always to our friends at pod flight productions in particular chief cook and bottle washer his name is Dr Jerry pain, and he and his team can be found at pod fly dot net. And they are supreme in the capabilities of putting together great podcasts for one and for all in. If you're interested in getting the podcast game. Well, by golly. Pod. Fly productions is the place to check out and I highly recommend pod. Fly dot net. All right. We're done for this week. I appreciate your listening. We will see you next week with God knows what kind of stories and travails, but we look forward to talking to you. Then until then we wish you only the best buy.

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