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Welcome to the show i'm jordan harbinger as always i'm here with my producer jason to filipo on this episode well i'm not really talking to anybody i actually decided to air an episode of another show and don't worry i don't think i'm gonna make a huge habit out of this but i listened to this episode on after on podcast hosted by rob read and he interviewed mary lou jepsen who's talking about well imaging technology fm are i that's portable wearable a lot of brain imaging just stuff that's going to blow your mind from dream reading and being able to upload thoughts and dreams and everything that's going on in your brain to the cloud it is a crazy set of thoughts and she is the authority in this field and really working on this stuff now this is not just like one day we'll be able to do this it's like no i'm working on this right now i figured y'all would love this so much that i remember listening going is should interview this person but i would probably just do the same interview so robin i reached out to each other and we're like hey why don't we just do kind of a cool swap because he really liked the james fallon episode and send it out to his audience so i'm hoping that many of you will discover a new favorite today in after on podcast it's quite a different show than what i'm running here and i interview rob at the end of this episode so you can figure out what's fit what's not what's going on with rob show and why i think it's good for you in a little bit more about him so enjoy this episode with mary lou jepsen and prepare to be pretty freaked out and amazed by what's coming in the future and don't forget to stick around at the end of the interview because i do have that little mini interview with rob reid at the end of mary lou jetsons interview enjoy.

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