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Week they at this time terminal customers can read more at P. I. N. go just before six thirty nine on Wall Street time for the Bloomberg green report here's Bob moan when it comes to wind turbines bigger is definitely better and the largest offshore wind farm in the world is set to run on the world's biggest wind turbine developed by general electric's renewables units up to sixteen thousand European households could be powered by the renewable energy of one hell yeah that she is made an agreement to sell its eight hundred fifty three foot tall power generating machine for a wind farm off the eastern coast of England a testament to how the increasing scalable projects and turbans is driving down the cost of renewable energy it also increases pressure on other turbine makers to develop their own bigger versions which could bring in new wave of price competition to the industry the ease hardly at X. turban stands as high as an eighty five story building almost three times as tall as the statue of liberty the so called Dogger bank wind farm one of power purchase contracts from the U. K. government last month that will support the project that's the Bloomberg green business report I'm Bob Malone thank you Bob food insecurity appears to be a big problem for low income and disabled Medicare recipients Nancy alliance has more from the Bloomberg ninety nine one Washington newsroom a recent study published in the journal of the American medical association offers a snapshot of the problem roughly ten percent of Medicare seniors and about forty percent of Medicare recipients who are younger than sixty five with long term disability experienced food insecurity at some point in the last year Bloomberg laws Tony Pulis says beginning next year Medicare advantage plans will expand coverage to allow recipients to receive home. delivered.

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