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M three it's eight minutes after uh six o'clock 610 wtvn john corby where the fourth and final hour of the big monday show and surgeons treating a man suspected out with the food poisoning were stunned to discover 200 and 63 coins and one hundred nails in his stomach mock sued khan thirty five was admitted to a hospital with abdominal pains in uh doctors performed an endoscopy to investigate the case but they were amazed define hundreds of coins three and a half pounds of nails dozens of shaving blade shards of glass stones and six cents piece of a rusted iron shackle surgeons at the hospital in india immediately operated and remove the 15 pounds of foreign objects a ah is believed to suffer mental health problems and did not inform his family or friends of his bizarre eating habits the patient was complaining of stomach pain so we thought we'd uh you know take a look we were shocked and we discovered the coins nails and bolts in his stomach which uh came across uh such a case for the first in my career this man looks a mentally unstable in has no sane person would do something like this.

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