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I love is chess so we we started out with the fifties with, jazz and rock and roll Chuck Berry Elvis and all of them but yeah we that helped us get through because we started. Early on, we were together before we became cooling gang since sixty four yeah Now. And this is the other thing, because of your jazz influences I I gather that's why some of the tunes are, arranged the way they were you were. Used to, having horns you're used to having strings you're you're used to. Having a really a a large sound to your to your. Albums Yup that's correctly. That's that's what that's all influences. Everybody I mean for miles Davis, to Jim Webb to Cal king to anybody I mean we listened to it all You know we love visit Ronald bells with us with cool and the gang and coming. Up the ultimate disco cruise it's going to be February fourteenth through, the nineteenth of next, year twenty nineteen star-studded vacation unparalleled access to. Legendary stars from that era and you'll see him during nightly performances and enjoy. Celebrity led activities as well you've got, a. New album, out to right I mean you guys have still been been doing. It after, all these years Yeah we, have. The first, single from Mexico album is called sexy was came out last year And we're still doing it still making albums and just got. Inducted into the songwriters hall of fame get a star Hollywood and, a street named after us actually the exact corner. Where we started cooling again in the sixties, Ronald bells with us with Kool and the gang you've seen a lot in the music business and I've always asked, contemporary artists of my generation because I've. Been playing your music since I've been on the radio but you've? Seen, a lot of changes what does it take to survive in the music business these days Gotta love it you just gotta have a love for music and just keep going at it that's what. I tell all. The younger artists you know who are trying to. To make a living in this business including my kids two of them are in the business is just to be you. Know to persevere and just love music and? Just keep going at it and now saw, on social media and internet and all but you still just keep going I.

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