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CEO's challenged your thinking about life and business. Back. This is Tom Lauria today. We are with August Taraq successful entrepreneur and the author of the best secrets. Business secrets of the Trappist monks. You're talking about the impact of brother, John, I knew and he's the subject of another book of yours. This began a transformation, and I think there was another step in that transformation. Because you as I recall wrote, an article about brother, John. Tell us about that. And what happened as a result of what you wrote? Well, I think there's two steps in the process and the first from the process, which I'll go over very quickly. But of course, would be a subject of maybe a whole book that I may write again someday this two year period that was kicked off by my skydiving, actually and back you call my dark night of the soul in nineteen ninety eight. I with the help of the monks. I actually had a spiritual experience that brought everything back for the book Joe can times over so although I've been battle crushing over all my life is basically since being an adolescent, I can honestly say I've never had days depression since nineteen ninety eight. So I went on from there and sold my businesses. Two thousand two and is rarely company. And then the two companies were then slipped. BMC software down in Texas for a hundred and fifty million in cash to study theology for awhile Saint John's university of Minnesota. And when I got back again from my college students intervened, and they suggested that I enter a essay contest. I looked it up online with John pepper can foundations power purpose essay, KOMO cash in thirty five hundred words or less. I had to answer the question. What is the purpose of life? Egli on. I'd never written anything before like this or for publication assigning to take a wack only had about a week or ten days to write it. Even though the context been going on for almost two years, and it was open to previously published material professional writers. So I was a bit overwhelmed by that. But so I started doing it. I wasn't getting anywhere in another one of my students said why don't you just write that story about brother, John, if you love the caliph so much that could good idea? So I wrote it in today's edited for two days and managed to just get it off at the deadline. Six months later. I get a telephone call telling me that I'd gone up against ten thousand essays from forty seven countries, and I wonder one hundred thousand dollar grand prize, so brother, John radically transformed my life because the next thing. I know it's reprinted the best of Christian writings the best Catholic writings I wrote. And what I thought was a white paper, which Forbes magazine turned into an article. Called business secrets of the Trappist monks that article went viral that meant you a limitation to become a contributor on leadership. Forbes which in turn then I got a telephone call from Columbia business school publishing. They said we'd like to turn business secrets of the Trappist monks into a book, which I did. And then I was being interviewed by the BBC about business secrets of the Trappist monks. And they laid like the interview. So they said would you like to be a contributor for us? You come on the radio once you parts of modern, and I've been doing that for five years now all along this essay brother, John was the whiz fallen into obscurity, of course. But I'd get two or three or four or five letters every year for people who told me this essay brother, John had into a bad divorce or death like a child and then finally about a palm about a year ago. August, I got a guidroz six hours up here. Could tell me thank you for writing, buddy. John because we've got cancer or terrible divorce. When he laughed I said myself, I said, I've got to you gotta get this candle out from under a bushel basket, helping a few people maybe can help a lot of people. So I thought to myself and with my help of the woman who run I do everything by the way to a nonprofit corporation. I don't take any money for my books from my consulting room. And I said to her, you know, what about that idea of making it in twenty illustrated books, it's only thirty five hundred words long. So it's not long enough to be a book. But what if I look straight, then the Lord sent me a wonderful multiple award winning artist screen story about how we bet I've never met him personally, Tom day. And he said I'm going to be twenty two. Who color oil paintings of Meccan, happy in the monks? And I it was straight the book with those. And so we combine my award-winning essay with one winning Arfan rela launched it in October. Frankly, it's off the shelves. This is John among a pilgrim and the purpose of life. This is Tom Lauria listening to the mentors radio show. Our guest today is August arrack a successful entrepreneur shares with us how we found meaning authenticity in life quickly. What is it? What is the essence of brother John in the book that inspires so many people? Well, I think that first of all the story has a very very uplifting ending to it. So it starts I think a lotta people can identify with my despair in my confusion, and my longing that begins the essay by the end, there's a very uplifting ending to it. I think that's one of the things. But I think the other thing is is that everyone I say I go in detail in business secrets the were all longing for a transformation. We're all longing for to to be transformed in the Christian tradition. That would be converted. But I say there's three kinds of transformation a thirsty, man drinks and transforms if condition when it hits the lottery transform these circumstances. But when mister Scrooge wakes up on Christmas morning and utterly new man. Experienced a transformation of. And I think that what we're all longing. For is this very transformation of being this is what brother John is all about what the brother John piece and effortless Laos is actually are what were really long for. And it's available to us off. And we can't be transformed. And I think that's what people are really really the lady to we don't really want to be selfish, selfishness, you know, just wrote something for Facebook. I said if you think about it Trump consciousness, we won't be become so selfishly absorbed with ourselves. So we can't speak or we can't get out of our own way board of depression. What makes them so painful, it's all you can think of yourself. When a man is suffering from all we says the world is too much with me what he's really saying. I am too much with myself. So we really don't want selfishness. We wanna be able to give ourselves away. We might love you wanna be able to give you could become love and the governor John represents, you know, kind of a Christ figure, and it's acceptable. And I guess what the brother John is saying is a successful to us. It's not something supernatural or super. Acceptable ordinary person. It isn't just monks. And I think that's really looks resonate with mentioned also in your book that the Marine Corps a and others. Help us make these kinds of transformations. Exactly. That's I call them transformational organizations, and I said most of the time they're not even conscious of what what they're really doing. But what we all, you know, by the way, like the country. Now is we're going to a crisis of meeting and purpose when we look at the opioid crisis. Or we are are like they just said the life expectancy is dropping in America because depression, suicide and the opioid crisis meets are all crisis of meaningless and purposeless nuts. On the contrary when have purpose, you know, the people become passionate they get on fire. One. How much time told me I asked him on his job description was and he said, well, if you follow me around, you think I do a lot of things you said, I only have one job, I produce passion. When you get peace where passionate about what they're doing said. My job to come. Just get him out of the way, making sure they take enough AK Shen into what I point out is organizations like the marines and a and the monastery have incredibly passionate people involved with them. And why is that because each of these organizations offer people a not just a vision or a mission of transformation? But they also offer them a step by step plan for bringing a buck. So obviously how the marines have their boot camp. And and the a twelve step program in the monastery has what they call their new issue their formation will cross this. And this is what I get out a lot all the time. I said, well, we're so the trod on on left brain education, giving people skills, but really what makes leaders. The most successful leaders are the ones that have the great. Character traits. These are things that you don't learn. These are things you must become you must be transformed. One of my mentors was Lewis are Mobley. He's proud of the ideal executive school back in the way back in nineteen fifty six and ran until nineteen sixty six anybody old enough to remember knows that the greatest it in the world where you have executives of the sixties and seventies. And he used to say the same thing to me. He said the paternity little manager into an executive or the term a scholar into a leader is not a incremental step up money. If a revolution in consciousness. Again, go back when you call it conversion where we can call it a transformation of being we can call it a revolution in consciousness. Utter transformation. Well, I I know from my own experience that and I think you called your book life is a dynamic bottle longing to selflessly surrendered to serving something bigger than ourselves. And it's been my experience in running companies that employees are desperate to be doing something that's meaningful and purposeful and the job of. CEO or president. Or even a group of management group is to create some kind of a goal. The people understand the transcendent, and they will they will transform again, you need the the the path and the rules, and whatever we're going to go to break and wanted to come back. I want to shift our attention now and talk about these secrets that you learned from the Trappist about running a business. Americans have been traveling down the health insurance highway for decades. But lately, it's been taking this the places. We don't want to go. For christians. It's hard to know which road to take. Samaritan industries provides a different direction a difficult pass for their members. Pray for each other and share financially in each other's medical needs. This idea that Samaritan has adopted from the book of acts permeate all parts of our lives. Not just hell Sharon at a body of believers are.

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