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Your full-time or do you have a day job, you know writing is dead would I would like for it to be my full-time? It is not quite full time yet. I also have a certificate in Wellness coaching. So that's what I do along with writing several things together. What made you decide to start writing, you know writing is always been an outlet for me just really of thoughts and emotions. I have been journaling for a long time. And I know that writing a book is is very much not the same but it was really about getting thoughts and feelings out to work them out. And then I really started wondering, you know, could I write an entire book off? Is that something that I could pull off or would it be horrible or could I actually make something into a book that I would be proud of? And it kind of just went from there and I because I am so very creative. I think that's where it came from. It just really was an outlet for that creativity that I wasn't really able to express thoughts as part of someone who was doing a more analytical job in finance. And so like a lot of authors using writing to get your thoughts and feelings out and kind of felt a pool towards writing. Absolutely and I think it has to do with the story time. That is one of the most important things in writing is that that ability to tell a story and to not only like it yourself but to say wow with somebody else benefit from this, you know, could they be amused or transported or whatever regardless of genre? I think that storytelling is the most exciting part in putting those pieces together as a writer. It's just become more fun and more engaging to me as I've gone along. Okay, I like that and I think a lot of writers share that Viewpoint did you say how long have you been writing?.

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