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A hundred dollars for the filing fee filed application to have them removed fingerprints for situation where I WANNA LE- lawsuit against them a civil suit for violating my my rights. Yeah you got that right. So they're gonNA penalize me because they broke the law even or even though that they broke even though a blade work in even though they dropped the charges. They're still gonNA keep my database in their system that my my fingerprints in their system and my picture and everything else. It's just it's it's unbelievable and I'm still going to have an arrest record now you. I don't have a criminal record but I have an arrest record and they'll be able to see that too unless I find that hundred dollar thing and then of course if I do file it who says they're actually remove that information from their system because as you can't believe what the police say you can't just because the laws on the books doesn't actually obeying. It's not unlikely that if I pay one hundred dollars if I give the government more money. It's not unlikely that they will. You know they'll say oh. Yeah we deleted it but not really anyway and and maybe someday I'll find out that they didn't do it but you know it'll be years later and you know I'm like the case with the photo with the license. Same same thing I you know. It's funny as I probably even have the paperwork that original licensed isolated too so I could probably go back and find it and say hey you know you guys didn't remove my picture and the guy didn't seem to faze the guy at all at the DNB either. When I said I I you know I am? I asked them are beginner. Remove at this time. And he's like yeah we'll remove it and it's like I'll be shocked if they actually moved. I don't think this is a one off. I think this is a a systematic problem. Where the photos are not actually deleted in that from their system even though you're checking the box that they are required to them by law the leap today that department has made no public admission of wrongdoing? Nor has it no I they never will nor has it notified thousands of people it's impacted although it it has changed its fingerprint retention practices yet if you can believe them which you can practices following the leads probing. NYPD can confirm at the department's destroys juvenile delinquent fingerprints after the prince have been transmitted to DJ or DC police spokesperson wrote in a statement to intercept. Still the way the department handled the process resisting. Transparency and starring even after being threatened with legal action raises concerns about how police handling our police handle a growing number of databases of personal information including DNA aunts data obtained through facial recognition technology eighty. Yeah you know what I have to say about this. I am not at all concerned about non-governmental organizations or I I shouldn't say I'm not all concerned but I am not not as concerned about non-governmental organizations having some data on me what I am concerned about is the government agents and agencies. He's having data on me. I can opt out. I could not use a business if I choose if they're collecting data on me. I can't do that with the government if I don't go and get my I get a driver's license. They will use violence against him. They will throw me in jail. They will kidnap me and throw me in jail and point guns at me if I ignore ignore them if I think facebook and I don't use facebook facebook doesn't come and pointing a gun at me. It doesn't kidnapped me. It doesn't throw me in jail for a year. Your New Hampshire certainly well the government New Hampshire government certainly. Well the federal government certainly will any government certainly. I don't know of any governments that won't do you know we'll not kidnap murder Or steal from you if you don't obey them von Dutch court orders facebook to ban celebrity CRYPTO SCAM ADS after another lawsuit. I actually not really the interest in that. Let's I don't know. Do I want to go into that story yet. I don't know if I want to do that one yet either. Condemning published recommendation to limit negative impact of article. Seventy either or you skip some of these stories.

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