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And i mean you also talked about this last night a little bit but just because that shame wash i've never heard that before is that you have you heard that somewhere else by one of my mentors tara hearty she introduced me ones and it was like a pagelong most beautiful introduction and i was like crying so hard backstage as she's reading this and she was like mary mary's show as are ashamed wash and i was like that is like i am so honored and i'm definitely using that's really great i love it car wash the i think of it like a car uh just praises you mentioned about a body positively at the beginning and then you are also talking about at last night and i have to say i am patrolled on the internet for so many things but i am not usually patrolled for my size because i'm not an over person i'm like pretty small yeah um how often is that a part of your life oh it's it's constant i think i think maybe less so for me than other people because i'm so also is lick over what is the thing which i see i say fat but i feel like that's like because i'm a fat person i can say that i honestly don't know what is like acceptable for other people i also really enjoy plus eyes as a term because i think that it's only in reference to clothing ray and that is my feeling that of me being different than anybody else's that i have to go to a different store which is still fucked up but like the fact that that is fucked yeah but it's also right now a goods disruptor the at all no that's i mean that's red yeah and also like uh i'm not shamed for this now burden when i was a child mmhmm and people can figure out what was going on with me yeah because they were like this person has gay but nobody any was gay didn't understand what what to call me so as a child i was constantly called fat which is wild because low then you carry that in yourself and.

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